Things you should not do in podcasting

Things you should not do in podcasting
Things you should not do in podcasting This time, the administrator will discuss some information about Things you should not do in podcasting.

Podcasting is the fastest communication tool today. With that distinction, many people are “trying” to be podasters without giving much thought to what their new audience will hear.

Instead of just posting content for the sake of it, plan your episodes. Plan what you are going to say. Plan the scenarios in which you are going to record. Plan how the final product will sound to your listeners.

In other words, come from the perspective of your listener and not from your comfort level when making the recording.

To help you in this area, I’ve put together a quick list of some of the common mistakes new podasters will make when they get into this newfound medium of communication.

By paying attention to these simple things, the quality of your podcast will improve and your listeners will come back for more!

Don’t use cheap microphones! Although many smartphones, tablets, and computers have a built-in microphone, if this is your recording source, be careful.

  1. Stay close to the source of the microphone. The microphone picks up a lot of background noise. The further away you are, the noise will affect your recording.
  2. Try to record in a relatively sufficient environment to maximize the capacity of the microphone just to record your voice.
  3. Please try to upgrade to a different microphone as soon as possible. A good USB microphone is inexpensive and will sound better than a computer or smartphone microphone.
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Unless the purpose of your podcast is to emphasize elements of the live stream (in podcast placement type), you will need to edit each episode.

  1. Don’t post an episode without some kind of Intro. It simply tells you what audience your podcast is and who you are. No intro, they just guess if they want to listen to your show or not. Most of the time, it will be a “no.”
  2. Don’t post without some kind of call to action! If your listeners get stuck at the end, take this time to invite them to “subscribe” or “receive this free resource” etc.
  3. If someone contacts you through comments, email, etc., don’t ignore it! If they’ve taken the time to reach out to you, it means they want to build a relationship in whatever niche you’re in. If he likes training or something similar, this is a very good reason to build a relationship of trust through his efforts to communicate with you.
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Use a good podcast host that can support your download number. There’s nothing worse than trying to host your podcast on your own website and having visitors get slow downloads.

  1. Download speed may vary from one website host to another. Also, if your podcast is really starting to gain some serious traction, your website host has the option to slow down access to your website! This will make you lose your listeners.
  2. Don’t let long episodes think this will attract more listeners. In this world, the shorter the better. While it may take you longer to create 3 ten minute episodes than one 30 minute episode, your listeners will consume more of your content with shorter versions. Why? Because they can listen to one episode now and another later.
  3. Don’t let your listeners stay until the end! Make sure you use a good, strong closing and tell them where you want them to go and what you want them to do next. This is what makes the great call to action. By incorporating this into your Outro, you will see increased listener engagement.
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Only by implementing this strategy quickly will you improve its quality, and once new listeners discover your podcast, they will want more of your content. If it fails in this area, it will be very difficult to grow the following types in the long term.