This is a tutorial on how to easily flash a Samsung cell phone 100% WORKS

This is a tutorial on how to easily flash a Samsung cell phone 100% WORKS
This is a tutorial on how to easily flash a Samsung cell phone 100% WORKS

Face Flash Samsung Hp – Sometimes your Samsung cell phone has problems like bootloop and so on. And one solution is to flash your Samsung phone.

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone brands in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the number of sales in your country.

Not without reason, this phone is selling well in Indonesia. This is because Samsung’s features and operating system are excellent.

However, there are some bugs that appear on this phone. Also, if you are using an old Samsung phone that does not support the auto-update feature.

Whether you like it or not, if you use an old Samsung, you have to do it yourself by hand.

There are so many benefits that you can feel after flashing.

Benefits of Flashing for Smartphones

Face Flash Hp Samsung
  • HP can be restored to its original state.
  • Eliminates all errors that occur on the smartphone (reboots, hangs, freezes, etc.).
  • Remove viruses on HP

There are two ways to flash a Samsung phone. They use computers and no computers.

The method below can be used on various types of Samsung.

But before we get into the flashing stage. There are some preparations that you have to prepare first.

Things to prepare before flashing

First of all, backup all important data on your phone. Because flashing will erase all the data in the internal memory.

  • Make sure there is still enough battery. Minimum 50% and more.
  • If you flash through the computer. Prepare the original or good quality data cable. Also configure the Samsung USB driver. Which can be downloaded to Samsung USB driver.
  • Download the firmware based on your type of Samsung phone. Or you can download it at
  • Make sure your computer has Odin application. If not, you can download it at
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After you have prepared everything you need. After that, you can directly flash your Samsung phone.

How to flash Samsung HP via PC

The first way my friend will talk is to flash using a computer.

This method is often used if you cannot flash without a computer.

Also, in this way, my friend can also do all kinds of Samsung cell phones easily.

Although you need more materials and tools. However, of course, the results you get will be stronger.


  • Make sure to backup all the data on your Samsung phone. If not, my friend can backup first.
  • Also make sure your cell phone or laptop battery is still above 50% or more. Or you can also charge your laptop.
  • First, my friend, please install the Samsung USB driver that you downloaded earlier. This step is helpful to detect your Samsung phone on your computer.
  • But there are also some computers that do not need to install this USB driver. Because some of these computers can read and find your phone immediately.
  • Then install the Odin app on your laptop. Once the app is successfully installed, launch it.
  • The next step is to turn off your Samsung phone. Once powered off, turn it back on by pressing Power + Home + Volume Down buttons simultaneously. This is so you can enter firmware download mode.
  • After successful login, release all three buttons and do not press any buttons.
  • Then connect your phone to your computer using your data cable. Wait for the computer to detect your phone.
  • Then press Volume Up, if detected in Odin a notification will appear. Then my friend selects Auto-Fill (never mind the notification).
  • Next, my friend looks for the firmware that he has downloaded. Then enter the firmware in the Odin app. you can drag and drop.
  • Generally, the firmware you download will be in the form of a rar or zip. So my friend first extracted the rar file. md5 files. will appear later. Now that’s the file you’ll use.
  • Go back to the Odin app. Be sure to click enable on the auto reboot option, F. Reset time. . Then enter the firmware by clicking on the AP and find the file with the extension Tar.MD5. If found, select OK or Start.
  • Here the flashing process is in progress, please wait until the process is complete and the cellphone reboots or reboots. Don’t let my friend unplug the data cable because it can be fatal.
  • After HP reboots, the flashing process is successful.
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Easy Ways to Flash Samsung Cell Phones Without a PC

The second way is to flash without using a laptop. This method is very useful for those who do not have a computer.

Although the results you get are not as good as the computer flashes. But if you do it right, this process will work too.


  • Data backup: Make sure to back up all important data on your phone. If not, my friend can copy the data first.
  • Battery check: Next, make sure your Samsung cell phone battery is over 50%.
  • Insert Firmware File: Save the firmware file you previously downloaded to your external memory. So my friend saves to the home directory, no need to put the folder. Remember, the firmware file you are using is a rar or zip file. So you don’t need to extract the file.
  • Insert external memory: Next, insert the external memory that contains the firmware into your phone.
  • Power on phone: Then power on your Samsung phone by pressing and holding Power + Home + Volume up at the same time.
  • Install zip: Then if you are inside again in the main menu. Then select Install zip from SD card or apply update from external storage.
  • Find the firmware file: Then find the firmware file that you have saved in the external memory.
  • Click Yes: Then click Yes, then wait for the update process to complete.
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After the phone restarts, it shows that the operation is complete. And congratulations, you can flash your Samsung phone.

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Those are 2 ways to flash a Samsung cell phone, so you no longer need to be confused if your Samsung cell phone experiences a bootloop, hope it helps, thanks for visiting