This is how to activate a burned Telkomsel number

This is how to activate a burned Telkomsel number
This is how to activate a burned Telkomsel number

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Currently, the mobile number as a person’s identity. In addition, it is also a necessity for everyday activities, including digital services such as mobile banking.

But it will be a problem if the phone number is lost. For Telkomsel users, an inactive cell number can be reactivated.

In his official statement, Telkomsel Sales Director Adiwinahyu Basuki Sigit said his party implements customer-centric principles in every service innovation by listening to customer feedback. This includes maintaining a program to reactivate a burning cell phone number.

“Solutions for customers to reactivate expired Telkomsel prepaid numbers are one of our tangible manifestations of increasingly dynamic customer needs,” he said, quoted on Wednesday (2/22/2022).

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“Providing easy access to UMB *888*89# self-service for Telkomsel prepaid numbers reactivation is also our effort to always understand and get closer to the requirements of customers in every phase of their lives, especially during the pandemic in grade. This day. “

The service is self-service, you can use the access *888*89#. Users who can enjoy this program are Telkomsel Prepaid subscribers.

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To activate a cell phone number, users only need to prepare an identification number (NIK) and a Family Card that was previously used to register a customer’s prepaid number.

In addition to UMB * 888 * 89 #, customers can also get assistance in reactivating their numbers by contacting them via direct message (DM) for their e-care services on the @telkomsel social media account. You can also go directly to the nearest Grapari service through Indonesia.

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Telkomsel users can also view full information about the service’s mechanism for reactivating expired Telkomsel Prepeid numbers by visiting

“This service solution to reactivate expired numbers is also a tangible manifestation of the company’s appreciation for the loyalty of more than 168 million loyal customers of Telkomsel Prepaid services,” said Adiwinahyu.

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