“This really looks like a brother and sister…” – Netizen

“This really looks like a brother and sister…” – Netizen
“This really looks like a brother and sister…” – Netizen

The video of Datin Anne Ngasri visiting her eldest son, Abdul Warits at the shelter, receives a lot of attention. Wow, the boy is taller than Anne, he is handsome. He looks like brother to brother Jer!!

Looking at Datin Anne Ngasri’s Instagram account, Anne’s shared video of visiting her eldest son at the shelter has caught the attention of many. Abdul Warits was Anne’s eldest son through her first marriage.

Warits is 16 years old and is currently at a boarding school, Saad Foundation College in Durian Tunggal, Melaka. Anne has spent time coming to visit Warits bringing her other children while she put aside her longing.

Many praised the appearance of these two children who looked like a sister and brother. This is because Anne’s appearance remains visible. hold young teenager even though he is now 37 years old. Anne is certainly not dim4mah’s age.

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Anne Sumali 1

Warits already seemed taller than his mother and seemed Handsome. Warits also seems to miss his sisters a lot. This video has received over 6,000 likes so far since it was uploaded.

Let’s see the video below:

In the comments section, many say that Anne is still hold young and his face did not immediately change from before. Among the comments given:

” Alololo.. I pulak yg bergenang air kills… Handsome plak boy you.. studied smart abg. And all the best to you.. annengasri_official you are the best mom.. “

“Abg lgi tggi dri ibu ye.. awet mute betul mak nya.. Warits mcm mama suka senyum je.. Hehehe…. Mcm sister g visiting sister in bedroom.. “

“Perghh mom, she’s still young, the best nue ank bachelor dh big… Taller than mom. She’s not a mother-son. That’s right, stay young.. “

“dh besaq anaknya ibunya keep mcm ank dar4.. anne comel sangat.. so sweet anak ber4nak.. ini barulah betul2 nmpak macam adik kakak.. sbb kita kenal anne dari kecik..”

“Beautiful abg warits, sy once met anne when she was pregnant abg warits.. wink je dah big, that’s a sign that sy pon is getting old..”

“mcm adek bradek mak n anaknya.. like kakak gi visiting adek huh haha.. muka dari kecik smpai dah jd ibu tak brubah2..”

“The best feeling, when we are near the parents’ bedroom, they come to send food, it is money, I feel like a rich person’s son for a while…”

Sweet The behavior of these two children was so good that Warits’s smiles did not rub off like Anne’s. May Abdul Warits be a good son and make his parents proud. He studies hard until you get to the ivory tower.

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