Thor’s 10 Most Tragic Deaths! –

Thor’s 10 Most Tragic Deaths!  –
Thor’s 10 Most Tragic Deaths! –

In the Marvel Universe, most of the inhabitants of the universe know who Thor is. He is the strongest member of the Avengers, as well as the God of Thunder from Norse mythology. Where is the power of the gods? We don’t need to hesitate anymore. Still, that doesn’t mean a god like Thor can escape death either. Because in fact there are so many stories that tell how he died. Even in the most pathetic way. Here are ten of the most tragic deaths in Marvel Comics!

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Affected by the zombie outbreak

Although famous for having an immune body, but in history marvel Zombies: Days Of The Dead, Thor can still be bitten by zombies. It could happen because the one who bit him was none other than the Fantastic Four zombies. He has since felt the same fate as other Marvel characters, namely becoming a zombie. in the history wonder zombies #3, he had an even more terrifying death. Where his body was destroyed by another zombie attack that has the power of a Silver Surfer after eating him.

falling from a height


In Marvel history, Thor has almost never been killed in the common way that he usually kills an ordinary human. That doesn’t mean he never was though, because in fact, when dealing with Mikhail Rasputin, Thor had actually died from a fall. This incident occurred when he lost his suitability for Mjolnir. However, that didn’t stop the son of Odin from fighting powerful mutants like Mikhail. In their fight, Thor accidentally knocks Mikhail into the window and ends up causing both of them to die instantly as they fall.

Sacrifice for the multiverse

Thor Secret Wars Death

In terms of physical strength, not many humans can match Thor. However, in outer space there are actually many characters who are superior in strength to him. One of them is the Beyonders who managed to kill Thor and Hyperion at the same time in the comics. new avengers #32. His tragic death came about because he had no choice but to directly attack the army of Beyonders who at the time wanted to wipe out all life in the multiverse.

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Trying to stop Ragnarok

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Ragnarok is an apocalyptic event in Asgard that Thor cannot prevent. Because all along, Odin had predicted that Ragnarok would happen and it would involve him. Knowing that, in the Ragnarok story in the comics thor disassembled, Thor once tried extreme means to stop him. He decides to destroy the world tree, Yggdrasil, which also kills him instantly. At least after this incident, his body was completely dead, while his spirit was trapped in the Void.

turned into glass

1655984425 427 Thor Glass Thanos Captain America Nova

For the loyal fans of Marvel Comics, infinity gauntlet is one of the most epic stories in the universe. In addition to featuring villains like Thanos, in this story many great superheroes died at his hands. One of them is Thor, who Thanos turns into glass when he tries to attack him. He didn’t stop there, the Mad Titan directly hit Thor’s crystal body and shattered it. This scene itself is meant to show how terrible Thanos is when the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Gems are in his hands.

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