Three Relationship Tips for Small Businesses

Three Relationship Tips for Small Businesses
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We all know that most small businesses don’t make it past four years. So you’ve started your business and you’re not broke! Very good.

But after the survival phase, you must find a way to manage the growth of your business. Growth is more likely to follow relationships than sales. So here are three relationship tips worth thinking about:


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Build relationships with your customers, even if they aren’t the best. This takes time, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to invite them to lunch, or send small gifts with your company name.

A quick, unexpected phone call, personalized email, or timely information can go a long way. Make it clear that you want a business relationship.

Always talk about them first, ask questions, try to find out at least something you didn’t know before, and don’t be afraid to ask for references directly.

But most importantly, he knows his story! Make sure you know what your previous business has done with them, how long they have been a customer, keep phone records, emails and other useful communications and part of your customer records.

If you can show that you know your client, they will respect you for it. It is clear that if people respect you, they will remember and recommend you.


Your team is your front line brand and the key to efficiency! It is much more difficult to find and develop good staff than it is to keep the good staff you already have.

So how do you develop a good relationship with your staff? Empathy, good humor and patience are perhaps the most important.

Remember that not everyone is like you (perhaps a good thing), and learn to appreciate and build on the relative strengths of your team members. But just as important is staying organized and clear in your communications.

Most people don’t mind being asked to do things at work, as long as the process and instructions are clear and the results are recognized. Setting up a simple workflow will help keep people organized.

Providing all team members with clear instructions and a simple interface for reporting results will help keep everyone happy and also help you handle those situations where things don’t go as planned.

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