TikTok Clear Mode: The Latest TikTok Feature

TikTok Clear Mode: The Latest TikTok Feature
TikTok Clear Mode: The Latest TikTok Feature

TikTok is ready to launch its most anticipated clear mode and users seem more than excited about the release of this feature. The clear mode will allow users to enjoy the videos without any distractions. Here’s more on what light mode is on TikTok, how it will work, and where to access it on the video-sharing app.

TikTok is leaving all the gigantic social media platforms behind with non-stop creative features. Although this Chinese video sharing app only recently joined the internet, it has taken the lead in boasting the most active users. The reason why this app is popular among social media users is that it values ​​its users and keeps adding new features to keep them glued to the screens.

Recently, the app revealed an important feature and it seems that time has come. The app is launching a new mode where users will be able to enjoy the videos without any distraction. Users are eager to experience this mode and eagerly await its implementation.

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Here we have broken down all about what this new mode is all about and how to get TikTok clear mode. Stay tuned!

What is light mode on TikTok?

Have you ever wished that the buttons, watermarks and subtitles on a video would disappear and just wanted to enjoy the video with a clear screen? If so, you are about to fulfill your wish. TikTok’s new light mode is about to hit screens.

TikTok initially talked about testing this feature in late May and early June and now the feature will finally be available to users. Clear mode in TikTok will help you hide the buttons and text that appears on the screen. Once applied, this feature will allow users to enjoy videos with a clear screen, without seeing any buttons or text.

Since you can play the videos without any text or buttons, users cannot use the screen recording option. The reason why this feature is not compatible with the screen recording feature is that not having a watermark on the videos will create problems for the creators of the original content.

How to get light mode on TikTok?

To use light mode in TikTok, all you have to do is press and hold the screen for a few seconds. Once you long press the screen for a few seconds, a dialog box will appear on your screen. In the dialog, you will see five options, one option among these five will be the ‘Light Mode’ option, tap on it. hey! You have turned on light mode on TikTok.

For now, this feature is only available on a video-by-video basis, which means you’ll need to turn it on every time you open a new video. You can’t scroll through videos while you have this feature turned on for now. However, we hope that this feature will be available soon while on the go.

TikTok users seem quite happy with this new feature. They have taken to Twitter to express their joy. This is what users wrote on Twitter about this new mode:

One user wrote: “TikTok has a clear mode now that clears icons that block part of TikTok, God bless.”

Another user said: “TikTok knew we wanted to see thirst traps without the word at the bottom. Thanks light mode! LOL,”

The feature is becoming popular with TikTok users and it seems like it has been around for quite some time.

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The last words

This was all about TikTok’s new viral mode. Hopefully, you have found all the information you needed to know.