Tips for Becoming a Teacher Before You Turn 40: A Teacher’s Diary, Scholarships, Science, Colleges, and Hobbies

Tips for Becoming a Teacher Before You Turn 40: A Teacher’s Diary, Scholarships, Science, Colleges, and Hobbies
Tips for Becoming a Teacher Before You Turn 40: A Teacher’s Diary, Scholarships, Science, Colleges, and Hobbies – A notification in the DIKTI Credit Score Assessment System (Selir PAK) application automatically appeared on a smartphone on March 23, 2022, it was written that PAK was published, PAK Guru Besar (GB) would be sent through your institution after the GB SK was issued.

On March 30, 2022, the Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, officially issued an SK GB for him to become Prof. Nasrul Wathoni, Apt., M.Sc., Ph.D when he is almost 40 years old in May 2022.

As usual, this blog will share practical experiences to achieve GB before the age of 40.

S3 school ASAP

Graduated S1 in 2005, continued the Pharmacist Profession. In 2006, he was immediately accepted as a civil servant, he did not serve long in the study program, he continued his master’s degree in 2007 by obtaining a BPPDN Dikti scholarship at a PTN in Bandung. Graduated with a Master’s degree in 2009, it was in this year that it can be said that his career as a lecturer began by becoming an Expert Assistant, shortly after he became a Lecturer.

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2014 was the biggest step for doctoral education by getting a BPPLN Dikti scholarship for Japan. Graduated on time in 2017 with 3 publications in renowned international journals providing invaluable experience in compiling a research roadmap to be further developed in Indonesia.

Find the right tutor

In searching for a way to become a professor, it is important to look for the characteristics of a tenured professor at the institution where you work.

Look for a role model for our speaker who can provide a lot of input in our careers. This does not mean following everything he does, but taking the things that he feels are positive and helpful to serve as good examples.

Become a true master

It’s simple, the teachers who I think are right are teachers who carry out the Tridharma of Higher Education in their daily lives. A minimum total of 12 credits each semester to qualify as a real professor.

Start concentrating on your own institution, love your job as a teacher, without having to go outside. Develop your potential, which is your specialty. Enjoy, be thankful and run well.

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Do not forget the increase in functional departments.

When becoming a true lecturer, functional positions must also be submitted according to the number of credits required. In addition, for PTNBH, the Reader position is managed up to the university level.

The goal of a functional promotion in a given year becomes important, so naturally that too will change over time.

Prioritize research, teaching and PKM

It is undeniable that the main requirement for Head Lecturers and Professors is publication in renowned international journals. Therefore, it seems prudent that both teaching and PKM activities be integrated with quality research activities.

The starting point for the research approach is after graduation from the doctorate. There, the embryo or embryo where our research will be directed.

Be yourself in the investigation

Collaboration is important, both with other professors from the same institution and with other institutions. Stay in touch with our friends, especially during doctoral studies. However, it has yet to come up with its own features and research roadmap.

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Research grants are one of the launching means to produce various quality international publications.

Nation’s Student Assets.

Student orientation is an invaluable treasure, it creates a professional bond as a student supervisor and guide. We encourage students to graduate on time, according to the research schedule we discussed together, including the expected publication outcome.

Not surprisingly, students are not only research assets of professors, but also national assets that can produce publications.

Being GB can’t be alone

Blessings from parents, close family, mentoring students, colleagues, college and university leaders are the key to success in becoming a GB.

Useful and contributions to people in our environment, especially in our institution, to facilitate the GB process, for example, getting involved in academic and student management in Study Programs, Faculties and Universities.