Tips for Editing Photos in Lightroom to Look Like a Pro

Tips for Editing Photos in Lightroom to Look Like a Pro
Tips for Editing Photos in Lightroom to Look Like a Pro

You can try the photo editing tips in Lightroom. Capturing moments through HP cameras has now become a culture and habit for many people. Both young and old often perpetuate their daily activities. Whether with friends, family and partner, of course, it has become a habit that cannot be abandoned.

Especially now that mobile camera technology has very good quality. You can even compare it to a professional camera. If in the future you are not satisfied with the camera shots. You can polish it up a bit with some editing apps. Therefore, you need to find out how to edit photos to make them look more attractive.

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Tips For Editing Photos In Lightroom To Look Like A Pro
Lightroom photo editing tips illustration. Photo: Ist/Net

See some photo editing tips in Lightroom

Lightroom is an Adobe application used for photo editing. You can use this app on your computer and smartphone. You can even get the Lightroom app for free on your cell phone. You just need to install the app and then use it to edit photos.

Actually editing photos with this app is very easy. This app has several settings that you can try out right away. Here are some ways to edit photos through Lightroom.

Take pictures in RAW format

If you want to produce detailed images and need to edit them that way. You need to take photos in RAW format. A good RAW will certainly produce a good edited image. Because you are not compressing the quality of the image.

Using presets

Lightroom also provides its own presets. For those of you who want easier editing, you can use the available presets. Some professional photographers also have their own presets. But if you have provided it, you can download it to produce a similar image.

Exposure and lighting adjustment

Tips for editing photos in Lightroom by adjusting exposure and lighting. Many of the images obtained from cell phone lenses result in images that are either too dark or too bright. Exposure and lighting settings can help overcome this.

White balance adjustment

For white balance settings, it is available in the color column. By touching the white balance you can give your photos special effects. If you want to get a realistic image, just use the eyedropper tool. Next, point to the area that is white or gray.

Remove colors from images

To output sharper image color, you can adjust it in intensity and saturation. But make sure it’s not too high to set it. Too high intensity and saturation will result in an unnatural image.

reduce noise

For those of you who don’t like white spots on photos because the ISO is too high. You can try going to the details column to figure it out. In that column there is noise reduction to make the image look smoother.

Improve the perspective of the image

Tips for editing photos in Lightroom improving the perspective of the image. You can only use the geometry feature if you have a Lightroom subscription. Geometry can straighten a crooked image. The trick is to use the guided vertical icon horizontally or vertically.

Get rid of unwanted objects

This feature can also be done if you have subscribed in advance. You can use the healing brush feature. In addition, it is also equipped with artificial intelligence, so it will not be difficult to remove the object.

crop the image

Sometimes correcting perspective is too much, you just need to crop the image. You can go to the trim column and cut as you like. Be sure to cut it still according to the composition on the head.

Various Lightroom photo editing tips are quite easy to try. So you can try to produce images like a professional.