Top 10 Best Quality Genuine Leather Belt Brands

Top 10 Best Quality Genuine Leather Belt Brands
Top 10 Best Quality Genuine Leather Belt Brands

Having a neat and attractive appearance is, of course, a dream for every man. In order to produce an attractive look, some accessories like a belt are needed. The quality and appearance of the belt varies depending on the brand of belt.

Although it can often be considered a trivial fashion item and not a big deal, choosing the wrong belt can affect your appearance, you know! In order to avoid mistakes when choosing a belt, you can read this article to the end.

Tips and how to choose a belt

Before choosing a belt to maximize your appearance, there are a few things to avoid. Tips for choosing a belt include:

1. Select the right material


Belts are usually made of leather, either genuine leather or synthetic leather. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a strong and durable belt, choose a belt made of genuine leather (usually cowhide).

However, if you’re on a smaller budget and you’re also okay if the belt isn’t going to last long, you can go for a faux leather belt.

2. Select the appropriate belt size


If you want a belt that can be worn on formal occasions, you can choose a belt with a size of 3 to 3.5 cm.

However, if you want to dress casually, you can wear a belt that is smaller or wider than that size.

3. Choose the right design


In addition to the size, you also have to look at the design of the belt that you are going to buy. A minimalist and simple design will be easier to use for events or formal occasions.

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Meanwhile, if you wear the belt on a casual occasion, you can choose a belt with a pattern that has an embellishment or a knitted or engraved pattern.

Recommended 10 Brands of Leather Belts

After confirming the things about the belt you want to buy, you can choose the belt brand and also the model that suits your wants and needs. Below are some quality belt brands as recommendations.

Recommendations for belt brands are:

1. Fon’Belt


The material used in this Fon’Belt belt is mainly genuine leather. For the smooth black leather models, there is a screw on the back of the adjustable buckle (can be disassembled or adjusted).

Due to the adjustable screw, you can adjust the length of the belt to your waist circumference. High quality but low price is the added value of this Fon’Belt product.

2. DC Say it


The DC Decarlo DC Variant Belt 6271712, which is only available in one color option, namely black, is made from synthetic leather. Even so, this belt has a relatively higher durability compared to other belts made with synthetic leather.

3. Luis Andreano

Louis Andreano

If you need a belt in black and brown, but don’t want to bother with replacing it. Even if you only have a budget for one belt, the Louis Andreano belt brand has the solution for you.

Louis Andreano’s LA-543 product is available as a reversible belt product. The reason is that there is black on one side and yellow on the other, so it will be like getting two belts by buying only one belt.

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4. Crocodile


If you are concerned about the chemicals in the belt making material, you can choose a belt from this brand of crocodile belts. The reason is that 100% genuine leather is guaranteed to be used as the raw material for the belt.

5. Levi Strauss


This Levi Strauss belt has a more casual style, making it suitable for wearing with jeans. However, the belts of this brand can also be used on formal occasions.

You don’t have to worry about quality and durability because this belt from Crocodile belt brand is widely known for its quality and durability.

6. Cowboy


Made by a manufacturer originating from China, this Cowather belt is durable and also long-lasting even if you use it frequently every day. The famous model of this brand is CY002 Men Belt Genuine Leather.

With a length of about 130 cm, which is equivalent to a trouser size 43, this belt can be used by fat people. Of course, you can adjust the short length of the belt according to your waist circumference.


Curewe brand launched Kerein formal leather belt using premium quality leather which has high durability. Look no further for holes, this belt provides you with a self-locking rail.

The black buckle closure that matches the color of the belt gives a stylish impression, perfect for young executives who want to look fashionable.

8.Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills through Polo Club Casual Leather MABCNH 804C offers you a classic and vintage look. The material used to make this belt is a mix of leather and cotton, which gives it a classy impression.

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This Beverly Hills belt is relatively cheaply priced from Rs 150 to Rs 200,000. Available in 2 sizes, 115 cm for SM and 120 cm for L-XL, which you can select according to your size.

9. San Vitale

The next brand of belts that we recommend is San Vitale with the model MB04. This San Vitale brand belt is lighter than other belts, so you won’t get tired wearing it.

This belt will give a unique impression and is also suitable for various occasions such as formal, business or casual events. The reason is that the belt of this brand is equipped with a luxurious golden buckle.

10. Boston

The Bostanten brand issued a belt product titled Bostanten Men’s Leather Belt. This belt is designed with quality materials. You can see it in the elegant buckle.

This belt buckle is made from strong galvanized metal, yet still has a classy aura. This Bostanten brand belt is suitable for those of you who want to look neat and professional while working, but still want to feel comfortable and not cluttered.

After reading this article, we hope that you no longer underestimate the belt. Then you can choose a belt brand that is suitable for your use based on your needs and also your circumstances.

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