Top 11 WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android

Top 11 WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android
Top 11 WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android

WhatsApp is part of normal life for a variety of humans. We talk about text messages, videos, photos, etc. Through this stage with our friends, our own family and all the people we love. In this case, we want to know who the most people in the app talk to so we can just put a little pause on that. Or just for fun, we need to recognize who is the person we spend the most time with on WhatsApp.

Do you continuously test WhatsApp’s ‘last visible’? If you do, you may think that the statistics provided by the use of the messenger are not enough. To have more unique reports at your fingertips, we highly recommend installing one of the latest visible tracking apps.

This same publication includes opinions on successful applications of this class. You will need to choose the most suitable tool and implement it from the App Store or Google Play.
Well, there are some programs in the Play Store, so that you can recognize that you are talking to the fullest in WhatsApp chats. Let’s take a look at eleven of these programs and their loading features!

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WhatsApp Tracking Apps Last Seen

Chat Track – Tracker online and last seen

ChatThe name of this software right gives you an undercover agent who is on a secret assignment! It is much less complicated; Chat Track continues with tabs on whether your circle of family or friends is online and log in to WhatsApp. This agent is a mystery as none of them can be suspicious of his little investigation as well.

WhatsAgent WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker will give you graphs showing how long you are online or offline. You can move your stats entirely to another Excel record to check on your laptop in case you like it.


Family Track – Online Status: Usage & Last Seen

FaFamily Track app is any other top rated Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app for Android. It shows you visible closures of any man or woman to your WhatsApp. This app was published in September 2019. Family Track is available for Android 8. Zero and above. This application offers you a complete statement document online. You can monitor humans in their WhatsApp usage of this WhatsApp. It was developed for parents who want to take a look at what their children are doing. You can manage all online activities on a social site. It can monitor 3 humans or much less than that at a time in imprecise ways.


W-Seen – Last seen online

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WsW-Seen: Online Last Seen is another good WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker viewable online tracking. Are you sure that while you sleep your children do not use any social page or WhatsApp? It’s time to bump into them while you’re asleep because they don’t use the internet anymore. So now is the time for a verbal exchange on this difficulty. Here we have the high-quality answer for this problem. You can easily check whether your children and other people are on the network or not anymore. You simply need to download this software from the Google Play Store and implement it on your mobile devices. You will then receive a notification while your children are online and it gives you all the remaining viewed information.

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WatzUsage: Tracker for WhatsApp

WatzNow don’t waste time tracking down a person’s closure discovered. Just use WhatsOn and be informed when a person is monitored online on WhatsApp. Watch the online period of your friends and children.

You will be able to examine all the usage information of the installed app using the WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker App Usage Monitor. The online tracker shows your daily WhatsApp usage along with your last time online for WhatsApp. Also, it helps you understand how long you use your utility.


Tracker for WhatsApp usage

DaTracker for WhatsApp UsageTracker for WhatsApp Usage is an effective device for Android device users. Although he is miles without frills, he does his paintings perfectly.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app will offer you exact records of someone’s WhatsApp periods. Thus, you will be able to be aware of the exact time you open the messenger and the period of each query. What’s more, the time can be tested with an accuracy of one second.

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Aside from this, the app will let you tune into multiple clients. Since it will notify you when a person is online, you can choose the notification sounds for each contact.


Chat Track – Tracker online and last seen

AaaChat Track allows you to reveal reports of your own family’s activity both online and offline. The monitoring method will take only a few clicks. So when you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to insert a wide variety of cell phones. Click the + button at the top of the screen to add different phone numbers. When the list of contacts is ready, click on the essential one. Tap the three-dot button at the bottom of the screen to set the safe length you need for the song. For example, you can also filter positive days or hours. In addition, you can also evaluate the chat games of two numbers and show if these numbers communicate with each other during a given day. Users will receive immediate notifications whenever members of their family are online. But we must warn you that Chat Track comes with a 7-day free trial.


WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker

WastatWaStat is the nice option that alerts you if someone connects on WhatsApp. It quickly sends you notifications when someone comes online. It will display all available time durations in the clock view. WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app no ​​longer hack any WhatsApp account anyway. If you are waiting for someone who connects but not always, download this app and it will notify you when they connect. Indicates the remaining visible online status of your WhatsApp contacts. You can use this app easily. Just download it from the Google Play Store, open it and enter the name of the character you need to watch. You will receive a notification from this app while you are receiving it online.


Wlog online

WlogIf you want to manipulate while someone is in the community, you can use wLog Online for this cause. The app is primarily designed for children and parents who need to control what their child is doing.

Do you notice that your son or daughter is sitting on social networking websites even while sleeping? It’s time to test this and present a serious communication!

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WLog Online gives you all the statistics on how long your loved ones are sitting online. You can also see how often your lover logs in and tests messages.

By the way, you can even find out exactly which people are interested in going – wLog Online will show you which programs they can use.

Once you add your contacts, you’ll be able to receive immediate notifications whenever humans come online. The developers are giving all customers a free Premium trial so that they can make sure that wLog Online really works well.


Data: Last seen online

DastaData Last Seen Online if you are looking for this type of WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app so you can say that while your kids or loved ones are online, sooner or later Data is a top notch viewable online tracker app. There is a clock that you can see to know the time that you and others spend on WhatsApp, Telegram and other social networks. The last seen data tracker also allows you to view monitoring reviews from the previous month. At the same time, you can load more than 10 profiles to monitor. Basically, you can use this to find instant alerts whenever your child or loved ones are offline and online. Second, it shows you the visible closing times along with the calculated duration.


Notify Online – Last Seen

NotifyNotify Online: WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker gives you an archive and notice of your kids’ online activities. Children these days spend a great deal of time through online media programs. They’re keeping themselves busy online visiting and everything, spending less and less time on certified activities, that’s incredibly bad for their mental and physical health as they’re becoming more and more dynamic online.


WhatsAgent online notifier and last seen

WhatsagentObviously, as with other similar packages, WhatsAgent WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker is paid and requires a subscription. Due to this fact, WhatsApp often releases updates and tries to protect the privacy of its users, even if you have a subscription, you may experience interruptions in the operation of this application.