Top 14 Play Store Substitute Apps You Should Try

Top 14 Play Store Substitute Apps You Should Try
Top 14 Play Store Substitute Apps You Should Try

Play Store replacement app used by some people. That’s because there are some issues that often occur when using the Play Store.

Actually, the Play Store itself is an important app on an Android smartphone. Play Store is used to download apps or games which will then be automatically installed on your device,

The problem that often hampers the installation process is the reason why some people choose to look for other replacement apps from the Play Store. This time we will leak a replacement application for Google Play Store that could be your choice.

Best PlayStore Replacement App Recommendation There is a Mod Version

1. Aptoid


The first Play Store replacement app was Aptoide. This app has an advantage compared to Play Store. Aptoide can download various apps while in Play Store you can’t.

Not all apps or games in the Play Store can be downloaded, it may be because they are not compatible with your device, geographical policies or others.

You also don’t need to doubt Aptoide’s security system. Since the developer runs and loads this app directly, users need additional verification.

Aptoide also provides more than 1 million app libraries. So this app can be used as a substitute for the Play Store, right?

2. Amazon for Android

Amazon For Android

Amazon for Android can be used as another alternative to download various apps and games apart from Play Store. This app provides both free and paid Android apps.

If you are going to buy a paid application with Amazon, this application is quite cheap compared to the Play Store. Interested in using Amazon for Android?

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3. F-droid

Only Android users can access F-Droid. This application provides many features that are quite comprehensive. The size of this app itself is also quite light, so you don’t have to worry about the memory being full due to F-Droid.

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For those of you who like programming, you can download related apps through this app. Therefore, F-Droid is suitable for those who want to become a web developer.

Unfortunately, this F-Droid has one drawback, namely that there are only a few apps like the apps available on the Play Store. But that can be overcome, you can download Aurora.

4. Pure APK

The next Play Store replacement app is APK Pure. This app is discussed quite often. Why is that? Because in this app you can find almost all apps available on play store.

There is a policy in this app that you need to download the old version of the app and find one that is not in Indonesia.

5. Get yourself

Getjar app is very similar to Play Store. This app provides apps that are popular and even apps that are rarely found. That way you can enjoy games or apps that are rarely found now.

If your phone memory is insufficient, then there is no need to worry. Because Getjar can be used with the website version so it is not a burden to your cell phone.

6. Mirror APK

Apk Mirror

This app also takes up a large amount of memory, both internal and external. APK Mirror is the right choice to replace Play Store.

Furthermore, APK Mirror can also be used with the website version. You just need to type the address in the Android browser. In terms of security, this app is also guaranteed.

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9 APPS is an alternative app besides Play Store that you can use. 9 APPS can also be accessed through a browser. However, you can find free and paid apps and games.

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The interface is also easy for the users. Before downloading apps from 9 APPS, make sure you have a fairly stable network so that it can speed up the download process.

8. Mobogenie

The next app is Mobogenie. This application has quite complete features. This app is available in HP and laptop/computer versions.

This feature can make it easy for you to download apps through a PC, but you still need to require an Android emulator for you to operate it.

9. Huawei App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery can’t actually be used by any brand of Android cell phone. The reason is that an app is only intended for users of Huawei and Honor branded smartphones.

The good news is that recently the developers have allowed other users to access the app. This is accompanied by the development of the application.

The features itself are almost the same as the Play Store, so you can find similar apps in the Huawei App Gallery. Now this app can be used as an alternative if the Play Store is not working properly.

10. Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung Galaxy Store

If we previously talked about the Play Store replacement app related to the Huawei brand, this time it has to do with the Samsung brand. The app is called Samsung Galaxy Store.

For those of you who own a Samsung smartphone, there is no need to worry if a problem occurs while using Play Sote. Instead, you can use the Samsung Galaxy store.

The features and applications of this app are almost the same because Samsung works with many developers. Additionally, Samsung also has a special app for Galaxy S20 Series users called Forza Street.

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11. Get apps

Get Apps

The next app you can try is Get Apps. This app is the output of Xiaomi, Mi or Poco. To use it, you must first disable Play Store to switch to Get Apps.

Xiaomi is currently developing Get Apps so that it can be used by many users. Get Apps also started providing popular apps like TikTok, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.

12. Opera mobile store

Opera Mobile Store

The replacement app for the Play Store this time is called Opera Mobile Store. Perhaps the name Opera does not sound strange to your ears. The same company that created Opera Mini provides several apps that can be downloaded with Android phones.

Not only available for Android OS, this app can also be installed for Java OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and many more. So if you are one of the operating system users and you are having problems with Play Store, Opera Mobile Store may be the solution.

13. Black Market

You can download Blackmart through your Android smartphone browser, be it Chrome, UC Browser, Mozilla or others. Black Mart offers a fairly comprehensive range of apps and games.

So if you are having issues with Play Store, Blackmart is the app to try.

14. Mobile Marketplace

Mobile market Increasingly popular with people. The features of the Mobile Market are quite complete like the Play Store. The developers provide additional app updates once a week to make the apps in it more complete.

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That’s 14 Play Store replacement apps that you can use and if you’re having trouble. So which one do you want to use? That’s the whole explanation of ICINC.ID, I hope the above review can be useful for everyone. Thanks.