Top 3 mobile printing app recommendations and easy ways to print from mobile phones without the hassle

Top 3 mobile printing app recommendations and easy ways to print from mobile phones without the hassle
Top 3 mobile printing app recommendations and easy ways to print from mobile phones without the hassle

The rapid development of the digital world is undeniable that it brings many benefits and conveniences to humans. Starting from wireless systems or technologies that use electromagnetic waves to connect one device to another without using cables. In fact, now you can print or print from Android phone, it’s really convenient, isn’t it?

Also, the need to print or print documents is often done for various purposes, especially in the office and school environment. The wireless function also minimizes the use of cables in the room and of course makes the room look clean.

Samsung, one of the biggest electronics brands, has launched many innovations, not only innovations in its sophisticated electronics, but Samsung has also launched the Samsung Mobile Print app. As the name suggests, this app is very useful for those of you who want to print from a Samsung cell phone or other Android devices with a Samsung brand printer, of course, here is how to print via Samsung Mobile app. Print.

How to print from an Android phone via Samsung Mobile Print

How To Print From An Android Phone Via Samsung Mobile Print

  1. Install the Samsung Mobile Print App

The first step is to install the Samsung mobile print app on your smartphone. You can download it through the Google Play Store: type Samsung Mobile Print in the search box > then click the search button > choose the top app > click install > wait for the installation process to complete > congratulations! Samsung Mobile Print app is installed on your device.

  1. Scan Device Samsung Printer

To scan the device, first make sure your Samsung printer is ‘On’ or turned on > turn on the wifi button on the print, if there is no button, you can connect the printer with the port cable on the printer > then open Samsung Mobile Print app and scan the device later, your printer will be detected automatically > then select.

  1. Select document

You can then choose the document to print, you can choose from a folder on your cell phone, or from the web or browser. You can not only print files, you can also print photos through this Samsung Mobile Print app.

  1. document carried

Once you’re done selecting the document you want to print, you’ll see a preview of the document you want to print > the document settings, such as paper size, and others you want > once you’ve finished setting up the document, you can immediately click the Print button.

  1. Wait for the printing process to finish

Finally, you just have to wait for the printing process to finish, make sure you fill the printer with the required amount of paper so that the printing process runs smoothly.

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In addition to Samsung, several printer brands have also launched mobile printer apps such as Canon under the app name Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY and Epson under the app name Epson iPrint. So you can print from Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and other Android phones without having to use the help of a laptop or PC again.

How to print from the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY and Epson iPrint apps

How To Print From The Canon Print Inkjet Selphy And Epson Iprint Apps

Printing from an Android phone via the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY and Epson iPrint apps is basically the same as printing with the Samsung Mobile Print app. So, to avoid confusion, here’s how to print via Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY and Epson iPrint apps.

  1. Install the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY or Epson iPrint app, depending on the brand of printer you are using. Install it on your Android smartphone.
  2. Power on the printer first.
  3. After installing the app, you can connect the printer to your cell phone via wifi or port cable such as USB or OTG.
  4. If the printer and your cell phone are connected or connected, you can select the document or photo to print.
  5. Configuration of the document according to your wishes in the document preview.
  6. Then you just have to press the print or print button after you finish setting up the document.
  7. Congratulations, your document is in the process of printing and you just have to wait until the printing process is complete.

Now print, you don’t have to bother installing devices via PC or laptop anymore, right? In addition to being uncomplicated, the above app also offers several features that make it easy to print documents.

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However, if in the office or where you print documents you have many brands of printers, or not Samsung, Canon and Epson brands, you can use other applications that are more flexible and can be used to print from Samsung phones or other Android phones. Here are some recommendations for mobile printing apps that you can install through the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.

Recommended mobile printing app on the Google Play Store

Recommended Mobile Printing App On The Google Play Store

  • Noko Print App

The first app is Noko Print, this app is also used quite frequently and has been downloaded by more than 5 million users at the moment and it gets a rating of 4.6 out of 5, quite a high rating isn’t it?

The Noko Print app provides cordless or wireless capabilities so you can print from your cell phone without using a cable. If the printer does not support wireless function, Noko Print also provides functions that you can use with USB or OTG so that your cell phone and the printer can be connected.

You can also choose documents or photos from files on your cell phone or files from the web or browser, you can also manage documents before printing like other apps. quite complete, it is not a feature of the Noko Print app.

  • Mopria Print Service App

In addition, there is the Mopria Print Service app, in this app you can print documents from various brands of cell phones and printers. Using the Mopria Print Service app is also quite easy, you can choose the brand of printer you have, such as HP, Epson, Canon, and others.

The Mopria Print Service app has been downloaded by over 10 million users right now and gets 4.4 stars out of 5. This app also supports many printing brands, with just one app you can print to any printer.

  • Aplikasi PrinterShare Mobile Printing

The next app is PrinterShare Mobile Print, this app provides 5 options to connect mobile phones and printers namely via nearby WiFi, nearby Bluetooth, direct connected USB, Google Cloud Print and PrinterShare Remote.

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Like other mobile printing apps, PrinterShare Mobile Print has many features such as document management such as page margins, paper size, paper orientation, and other settings. This app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users and gets a rating or star of 4.1 out of 5.

How to print with Google Cloud Print

How To Print With Google Cloud Print

Besides using the app, you can also print documents from Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and other Android mobile phones via Google Cloud Print. The method is also quite easy to practice, here’s how to print with Google Cloud Print from a cell phone.

  1. First, open the Google Chrome app that is already on your smartphone.
  2. Then visit the Google Cloud Print page at or just click the link.
  3. Click add a printer on the Google Cloud Print page.
  4. Select the type of printer you use to print, give a check mark.
  5. After that click add a printer, make sure your printer type is correct and appropriate.
  6. Then open the settings menu > Select the print menu > Select the service > Select Cloud Print.
  7. Select the document or photo you want to print > then tap on the Print or Print menu.
  8. Done, your document is in the printing or printing process.

How easy it is not to print from a cell phone, although from a cell phone you can still use features like printing from a laptop or PC. Printing via cell phone or smartphone is also more effective, you no longer need to bother moving data back to a PC or laptop, so you don’t have to work twice, and of course save time and energy.

So, have you decided to use the method or how to print from a Samsung cell phone, or another Android phone? Good luck and good luck. We hope that the information provided is useful, and thank you for your attention.