Top 5 Car Audio Brands That Are Good and Quality

Top 5 Car Audio Brands That Are Good and Quality
Top 5 Car Audio Brands That Are Good and Quality

For those of you who frequently travel long distances, the comfort and safety of the car is an important factor and a special concern. Some people are even willing to spend a lot of money to modify the interior features of the car to provide comfort while driving. One of these features is the sound system or car audio.

The presence of car audio will make the atmosphere in the car more lively and able to drive away drowsiness while driving. Although there is built-in car audio, it never hurts to try some of the recommendations of the best car audio brands with good sound quality and comfortable listening. Check out the following reviews for more information on car audio.

Tips for choosing good and quality car audio

Before deciding to buy a car audio system, you should pay attention to several things, starting with the quality of the product, the space in the car, and the price of the product. Here are tips for choosing car audio that you should apply.

1. Check audio features


Before you buy audio, choose a car audio that offers a variety of features. You can choose audio that has sound adjustments, treble, fade, balance, bass function, auto level control, and various other support functions, such as DVD, MP3, and USB. Don’t forget to check the head unit as well, as it plays a very important role in sound control.

Choose a head unit that is equipped with tape rear, front and sub tape behind, which is useful when using an amplifier so that the resulting sound quality is better and clearer. Other features that are no less important are speaker control, HPF/LPF control, equalizer and digital time mapping processor.

2. Do a sound check

Do Voice Tests

After performing the function check, you can perform the sound test. This is important to find out the sound quality of the car audio you want to buy. To get the correct sound results, the vocals are right in the middle when heard, and the sound of musical instruments sounds close to the original sound.

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You can try playing musical instruments by first adjusting the balance and then listening. If the speaker wire is reversed, sound with a low pitch will sound less dynamic.

3. Check the installation


One of the most important factors when choosing audio is the installation. The role of the installation is very important to obtain quality sound and overcome the acoustic disturbances that occur when car audio is used. Please use a stand with rubber material to hold the speaker for safe use.

4. Choose audio with a famous brand


Choosing a well-known car audio may be the right choice for those of you who are still beginners. This is to anticipate damage, because audio from well-known brands is generally of good quality and guaranteed. In addition, well-known brand car audio output is generally equipped with full and capable functions.

Best Car Audio Brand Recommendation Good Quality

It’s not just chasing loud sounds, car audio should also produce sounds that are comfortable to listen to. The following are recommended and quality guaranteed car audio brands.

1. Harman Kardon Onyx 4


One of the recommended and best-selling car audio brands is Harman Kardon Onyx 4. The quality of this car audio is unquestionable. This brand name car audio has a unique and classic design with a choice of black and white colours. The material used is a combination of premium quality plastic, metal and rubber.

This car audio is suitable for sweetening the interior appearance of your car by planting it or placing it outside. Not only used for car audio, this Harman Kardon brand can also be used as home audio with bass and treble sounds that are in harmony and clear, as well as a booming sound that is comfortable to listen to.

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The price of car audio of this brand is quite expensive, in the range of 2 million to tens of millions. However, the price set for Harman audio is comparable to the quality and features on offer. Wireless car audio speakers of this brand can also be connected to other devices and are claimed to be durable and long-lasting audio products.

2. Alpine Rogers 3-Way


Alpine 3 Way Rogers is a Japanese factory assembled car audio with a complete audio suite that is suitable to complement your car. One set consists of 8 speakers with 2 midbass drivers, 2 midrange drivers, 2 dome tweeters and 2 3-way passives that are useful as main control in power audio or mains crossover.

You can also customize the audio based on the size of your car. The set price for this brand’s car audio is also relatively affordable, which is around Rs 1.5 crore. The material used for this car audio is a combination of wood, rubber and metal grille with a maximum power of up to 40 watts and a frequency of 60-20 kHz.

3. CVR-12 Kicker


This best car audio brand has many types and has been known since 1980. This brand is also a best seller because it has guaranteed quality at a relatively cheap price. This audio brand is also suitable for small passenger cars or minibuses with a classic black box shape.

The quality of the sound produced is very good, clear and comfortable to listen to because it is equipped with a capable volume setting. Power usage is also quite efficient, i.e. 50 watts minimum and 400 watts maximum with sound frequency from 25 to 500 Hz.

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4.Bose DS16F


The Bose DS16F car audio is suitable for minibuses due to its relatively large size compared to other car audio brands. The resulting sound is more powerful and the treble is stronger, but still comfortable and safe for baby’s hearing. This coaxial-type Bose speaker is also suitable for cars with small doors and does not require a muffler or power supply.

Due to its large size, the audio of this brand makes the space in the car look full. The price of the car audio of this brand is a little more expensive, around 2 million and can be purchased individually.

5. Pioneer TS-F1643


Pioneer brand car audio is certainly familiar to your ears. This product is a best seller due to its undoubted quality and is known as a high quality audio device product. Not only used as an add-on for car interiors, this audio is also the best choice of subwoofer that is suitable for use as an add-on in your home.

The price offered for the car audio of this brand also varies according to the variant and variety. You can also buy it in the form of units or custom designs as you wish. For installation it is also very easy with quite good sound quality.


Due to its important role in helping to get rid of boredom and sleepiness as well as providing comfort while driving, the tips for choosing the right car audio system in this review are a must for you to apply. The five best car audio brands mentioned above can also be used as references and considerations before purchasing quality car audio according to your budget.