Top 5 Free Online Video Editors –

Top 5 Free Online Video Editors –
Top 5 Free Online Video Editors –

Top 5 Free Online Video Editors: In this age of millennia, not a few youngsters up to parents appreciate themselves through a video, even now video makers become a serious profession to dig up the coffers of money.

Not only YouTube, which provides video adding and sharing services, but various popular social networking sites and chat devices like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp can also share videos, ranging from video topics on personal life, travel, games, information educational and many more. again

To create a video with maximum results, nowadays a video editor is also needed because making a good video takes not only a camera but also a video editing device or application for the final result.

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There are many video editing devices or applications that you can get for free or paid, but what about when you are away from home without bringing a computer or personal computer, which is very inconvenient for us?

Now you don’t have to worry because there are many free video editing sites online that you can use. You just need to borrow a friend’s computer or go to an Internet cafe or you can directly use the phone you have to edit videos without bothering to install the device again.

In this era that is completely online, we really need a web-based online video editing device to help facilitate our video editing activities without having to install it. Here are 5 of the best free online video editing tools.

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KeepVid is one of the best online video editor or free online video editor today that can help you edit video online, like crop video, edit pixel resolution, compress video, merge video, rotate, flip video and many more. a little more.
You don’t need to bother installing the video editing device first. Most people think that online video editing will lower the video quality, but this is not the case with KeepVid, because KeepVid will not change the quality of your video unless you change the video quality yourself.

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Some of its great features:
To turn
Turn around
KeepVid has a GUI or interface that is easy to understand and easy to use, you don’t need to login or register if you want to edit videos on KeepVid site.
Also, KeepVid supports editing videos via Android phones, YouTube videos, Instagram videos, and MP4 videos. Visit KeepVid Online Video Editor


Clideo is an online video editing tool that can help us edit videos without an online device just like KeepVid, it has a number of great features like loop, stop motion, video merge, video rhythm, video editor. meme.

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This free online video editing app is easy to use. If you want to make action videos and meme videos, you can use Clideo. address


Kapwing is an online video editor, but it can also be used as a portrait editor, because Kapwing has many filters that can beautify your video or portrait, you can also adjust the brightness or contrast as you like.

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Furthermore, Kapwing can realize your creative ideas in the form of a video. Another feature is that you can add subtitles and create memes directly. Address


Wave video is an online video creation device that can help you create videos in the form of advertisements and videos for other business needs. You must register if you want to use the Wave Video service.

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Wave video has a selection of free and paid templates that can be used for business promotion purposes in the form of videos. Address


Filemora online video trimmer is a free video editing service that is prioritized for those of you who want to quickly shave (cut and trim) instantly without the need to bother installing gadgets or apps on your device, just to Through an online browser you can cut out parts of the video that are not necessary in the length of the video you have. Address

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In addition to that, Filemora can also upload videos only via hyperlink URLs to speed up the upload process without the need to spend a lot of your web fee.