Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2021 You Must Install

Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2021 You Must Install
Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2021 You Must Install

~ Hello everyone, see you again with our good hearts. In this discussion, we will discuss the top 5 WordPress plugins in 2021 that you must install.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet. We have been using it for years and can definitely attest to its convenience and ease of use.

WordPress is highly search engine friendly. I have a different WordPress blog and I love the easy to use features and the speed they offer.

Plugins are smaller programs that can be uploaded and installed on your WordPress site to help you in many ways.

Well, here are the top 5 WordPress plugins in 2021 that you must install.

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1. Living alone

Soliloquy is a slider plugin that is said to be the best plugin available. Soliloquy Life allows you to place advertisements on your site in the form of banners.

Soliloquy is a fast and less intrusive plugin. This slider has many features that allow you to customize your ad content to attract the customers you want to target.

2. Secure security

Sucuri is one of the essential accessories. It is designed to increase the security of your site by making it harder for hackers and other unwanted people to access your site.

This plugin performs several different security functions, including malware removal and blocking malicious attacks.

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3. Floating social bar

Floating Social Bar solved the problem of which social network allowed access to my site. It ignores the most unpopular sites and does not offer the benefits you deserve.

This plugin also removes unnecessary scripts that slow down your site. This narrows down the number of social networks to a few that really give you an edge.

4. Ad cleanup

AdSanity allows you to manage multiple ads quickly, efficiently and conveniently. It allows you to monetize your site by adding advertisements that will pay you a small amount of money every time one of your customers clicks on it.

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It won’t make you rich by any means, but I suggest you use it because it won’t cost you anything.

This gives you great flexibility in how you allow your ads to be displayed. It also allows you to track customer interactions with your ads with graphs and statistics.

5. Table press

TablePress gives you the ability to embed tables on your site almost anywhere you need them. It also gives you the ability to export your table data to other sites when needed.

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