Trans Activist to Judge Christian Fired for Gender Identity Lessons

Trans Activist to Judge Christian Fired for Gender Identity Lessons
Trans Activist to Judge Christian Fired for Gender Identity Lessons

Transgender rights activist has been named to the judging panel that will hear the case of a Christian teaching assistant who was fired for speaking out against gender identity lessons at an elementary school.

  • Christy Higgs was fired for expressing concern about teaching children to change gender
  • Transgender rights activist Edward Lord will be on the court jury
  • Mrs. Higgs insists that her reason is that her son is too young to understand

A transgender rights activist who has called for the abolition of women-only bathrooms is on a panel hearing the case of a Christian teaching assistant who was fired for speaking out against elementary school students taking courses in those who could change their gender.

Prominent LGBT activist Edward Lord, who was selected to advise the court judges on Kristie Higgs’ appeal, shared a statement against expanded sex and relationship education on his Facebook page. He lost his job as a school pastoral assistant after the petition.

Lawyers for Ms Higgs have asked to remove the 50-year-old from the panel amid fears she will not receive a fair hearing when the case is heard in London next week.

Teaching assistant Kristie Higgs (pictured) has been sacked after her 9-year-old son’s school at Church of England Primary School raised concerns that teaching boys could change gender. Ms Higgs has appealed the decision and will face the jury.

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The gentlemen who use the pronoun “they, them and their” refuse to resign. Lorde, a Liberal Democrat politician who describes herself as “non-binary,” campaigned to allow trans women to use women-only spaces.

As an elected member of the City of London Corporation, Lord headed an equality committee that changed the rules to allow transgender swimmers full access to Hampstead Heath’s ladies’ pond in 2019.

Lord has been openly saying on Twitter that trans women can use women-only spaces, but when the activist is a Freemason, a men-only organization, she has drawn accusations of hypocrisy.

Lord received an OBE in 2013 and has been a London magistrate since 2002. Last year, they became lay members of the Employment Court Circuit.

It is in this role that the Lord will be able to cross-examine witnesses and advise Court of Appeal Judge Ms Eady as to whether Ms Higgs, 45, was wrongfully dismissed from Farmor School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, in 2018.

The mother-of-two was sacked after sharing concerns about her nine-year-old son’s Church of England primary school curriculum.

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Critics express dismay at ‘No Outsiders’ anti-bias courses for students as young as four, taught through the story of a boy who wanted to wear a skirt and a book about red crayons he discovered was actually blue Teaching Identity of genre.

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Edward Lord, a prominent LGBT activist who has led calls to abolish women’s toilets, has been selected to advise a court judge. Lawyers for Ms Higgs have called for the 50-year-old to be removed from the panel amid fears she will not get a fair hearing when the case is heard in London next week.

Mrs Higgs insisted that her only motivation was to believe that her son was too young to understand what it meant to change his sexuality. As a devout Christian, this goes against her beliefs.

During the six-hour disciplinary hearing that led to his dismissal, the school’s principal compared his posts to those of “far-right Nazi extremists,” and the school also spied on his emails.

Ms Higgs launched an appeal after losing her religious discrimination claims at the Bristol Employment Tribunal, which found she was dismissed precisely because her views could be seen as transphobic.

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The appeal was due to start on Wednesday but may be delayed after attorneys at the Christian Law Center formally requested that Lord be removed from the panel.

Last night, Ms. Higgs said: “I am concerned that she will not get a fair hearing. Edward Lord has made many public statements against me and my Christian faith, which is at the heart of my case.

Andrea Williams of the Christian Law Center said Lord’s recusal was a “simple and reasonable request to help avoid any smell of sewing”. But in an email to the court, Lord said: “While I have views on the core issues of the case, and express some of them publicly, it is entirely in a private capacity, without reference to my judicial position. , I do not believe that they are grounds for recusal… In the exercise of my judicial functions, my decisions follow the facts of the case and the pertinent laws, nothing more.

A spokesman for the judiciary said: “Judges cannot comment on ongoing proceedings. All judges take a judicial oath, which means they hear cases without fear or favor and, as determined by law, personal opinions count for nothing.