Twibbon Let’s Succeed KSM 2021, here is the download link

Twibbon Let’s Succeed KSM 2021, here is the download link
Twibbon Let’s Succeed KSM 2021, here is the download link – Twibbon, let’s make KSM 2021 one of the most popular twibbons of the day since yesterday, what’s going on?

Twibbon has become a trend for everyone who wants to celebrate a celebration or the big day of an organization, but not only certain organizations, many of the common people or the government.

By providing our support through the KSM twibbon, we also indirectly support educational activities organized by the government.

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Therefore, for those of you who work in the world of education, or who are entering it, it is better that this time you use twibbon to support them.

Twibbon Let’s Succeed KSM

KSM stands for Madrasa Science Competition, which is held annually by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

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This year’s KSM 2021 will be held starting today, August 21 for MA level, August 22 for MT level, and August 23 for MI level.

Simultaneously throughout Indonesia, this week’s KSM will be held at the Regency and City levels.

Due to the impact of this pandemic, of course the madrassa science competition is conducted with the CBT model, and is held in their respective madrassa homes or schools.

Still, don’t slack off, band together and support KM’s activities this time with the KSM 2021 twibbon.

Link Download Twibbon KSM 2021

Being part of KSM’s activity this time, it should be to support those who compete with twibbon and share it with the social networks you have.

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The following is a download link that you can use to post your own photo as a form of participation.

  • KSM 2021 download link is here
  • Download link for Twibbon KSM Ministry of Religion 2021 here
  • Download the link for the 2021 KSM Religion Ministry here
  • KSM download link here
  • READY FOR KSM 2021 download link for Central Java here
  • KSM Regency-City 2021 download link here
  • Download the link for the Madrasah Science Contest 2021 here
  • Download link for Prayer KSM 2021 MTsN 1 Pati here

For those of you who are new to the term twibbon and confused about installing photo, here are the steps.

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How to make Twibbondi HP using your own photos

Being able to install your own photos is very easy, you only need a few steps.

However, if you are a layman and new to using twibbon, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the twibbon link above,
  • Click on the “Select Photo“,
  • Select the photo you want to use,
  • Then edit the photo by swiping, zooming as you like,
  • When you’re done, click “next
  • Then click “Download Photos“, Done!