Types of Divorce in Islam, Understanding, Law, Impact

Types of Divorce in Islam, Understanding, Law, Impact
Types of Divorce in Islam, Understanding, Law, Impact
Kind Of Kind Of Divorce

Paper articles discuss about kind of kind of divorce in Islam 1,2,3, law, impact, understanding, examples and images to make it easy to understand.

What is divorce? This is a tip of a problem that often arises in the home and that sometimes ends up causing a divorce between two people who have joined in a marital relationship, so divorce is here as an expression. of divorce for husband and wife who are not harmonious in the functioning of the home. For more details, just check out the discussion below:

definition of divorce

Divorce has consequences as a different law if the husband divorces the Raj’i for the sake of his wife, thus removing all the consequences of divorce during the Idda period, which is considered a sign of her husband’s reconciliation.

So, the types of understanding of divorce of some scholars are as follows:

  • According to Hanafi and Hanbali, scholars have declared that divorce is a direct release from marital relations for the future with a special pronunciation.
  • According to the Shafi’i school of thought, scholars have stated that divorce is the dissolution of a marriage contract with the reading of divorce or the equivalent of divorce.
  • According to scholars it has been pointed out that divorce is a legal separation that leads to the legal termination of relationships.

Therefore, divorce can also be compared to a divorce that a man will do to his wife so that the divorce of both spouses is legalized by religious law and law.

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kind of kind of divorce

From the above brief review, we will also provide various types of divorce along with their explanation.

The following are the types of divorces:

1. Talak Raj’i

Raj’i talaq is a talaq given to a wife whose iddah period has not ended, so the talaq will be removed once or twice until her iddah period ends.

They sign Allah (QS Al-Baqarah 231).


It means:

“When you marry your wife near the end of idda, unfortunately divorce them and do not persuade them to harm anyone who does so, because this is doing you harm to yourself, and do not play with the law of Allah, then you should do good to Allah in doing what is wise and knowing that Allah knows everything.”

From the statement of the previous verse, divorce causes difficulty) to act as Liajlih in the presentation so as not to expect much.

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2. Talak ba’in sugra

Talak ba’in sughra is one of the talaqs in a divorce where the husband descends once or twice to his wife after his idda is over, so the husband can still refer to his wife so that there are agreed terms by both parties.

3. Talak ba’in Kubra

The talaq of ba’in Kubra is one of the talaq that the husband will pronounce against his wife so that the husband pronounces the talaq on his wife.

Divorce Disclosure Method

From some of the discussions above, we will also provide how to disclose the divorce that was agreed upon.

There are 2 ways to express divorce including:

  • (Sharih) A husband who intentionally or unintentionally announces the divorce will be punished by divorce. This divorce as parting words that have been said clearly and openly.
  • (Kinayah) Divorce sentences are not clear and often use sarcastic words “Go to your parents’ house”, “go and don’t come back”, “mind your own business”.

From the above expression, it can cause unrest in the home and division because everyone must avoid it in order to achieve harmony in the home.

Well, that’s it, my friend, we can discuss the various types of divorce and you are equipped with an explanation. Hopefully this short article can be useful and useful for all of us and thanks.

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