Types of Vegetables Can Grow Fast in the Home Garden

Types of Vegetables Can Grow Fast in the Home Garden
Types of Vegetables Can Grow Fast in the Home Garden

We work.com- Types of Vegetables Can Grow Fast in the Home Gardenplanting vegetables has many benefits, namely, the type of cultivation of various vegetables, we do not need to buy vegetables, and of course, it is more efficient financially.

Although the price of chili is expensive, do not worry, because you only have to pick it yourself. You want to make tomato juice just pick it up so we can reduce expenses.

Another benefit that we can get when we grow our own vegetables is that they are free of pesticides. Don’t be surprised if the vegetables you buy now must have been exposed to chemical pesticides.

Types of vegetables that can grow fast

Types Of Vegetables Can Grow Fast In The Home Garden

Here are some recommendations on the types of vegetables you can try growing on your home page that we’ve rounded up from various sources just for you.


Cucumber is a vegetable that is often eaten as a side dish, such as fresh vegetables and pickles. Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants that have been shown to be good for your overall health.

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In addition, cucumbers are low in calories, contain a lot of water and soluble fiber, which makes them ideal for hydrating the body and helping to lose weight.

This vegetable is listed as an easy-care plant, making it suitable for beginners. Cucumbers love sunlight and water; do not overwater them as this can cause them to grow mold and die.

Cucumbers can be harvested about 35-40 days after planting.


If you are just starting out with home gardening, tomatoes may be the right choice. The reason, tomatoes are very easy to care for and fast growing. You can plant tomatoes in your garden or use growing media, such as pots and plastic bags.

When planting tomatoes, place them in a location that receives the most sunlight, so they can thrive and maximize.

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Tomatoes should not be watered too often, because these plants do not like very wet soil conditions and environments.

Too wet soil can cause this plant to die quickly. Ideally, tomatoes that have not yet fruited can be watered every three days and then reduce the watering frequency when they have fruited.

Tomatoes can generally be harvested 60-100 days after planting, or when the fruit is yellowish.


Chili is one of those spices that is definitely used for various dishes. Lately, the price of chili in the market can be quite high.

To overcome this, how about trying to grow chili peppers at home? In addition to being able to save money on purchases, the quality of the chili harvest itself is certainly more guaranteed.

Chili is very easy to care for and can thrive even in small pots. Water with enough water and provide enough sunlight, about 60-75 percent.

Not getting enough sun exposure can inhibit their growth, and conversely, getting too much sun exposure can also interfere with their growth.

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In addition to the various types of vegetables above, spinach is another type of vegetable that can be grown in the backyard. Spinach is a type of vegetable rich in nutrients, this includes vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, folic acid, thiamin and several other ingredients.

It is not necessary to provide a large area, you can easily plant spinach in plastic bags or pots.

Just put it in the shade but still get enough sunlight. And water regularly to keep the soil moist.

Spinach plants can be harvested after about 25 to 30 days.


That is the information we can transmit about Types of Vegetables Can Grow Fast in the Home Garden I hope this article can be helpful and useful for you.

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