UK AdSense Payout + Payoneer – How to set up UK AdSense Payout

UK AdSense Payout + Payoneer – How to set up UK AdSense Payout
UK AdSense Payout + Payoneer – How to set up UK AdSense Payout

Payoneer offers several accounts for different countries, including UK banks. You should have already signed up with Payoneer to allow you to get the default UK account. That should be your first step. On the other hand, thanks to Google for accepting Payoneer accounts.

This page will guide you through the Payoneer account registration process.

UK Payoneer bank account details

Payoneer provides you with a UK account without you living there. Provide complete account information for wire transfer transactions, and that includes;

  • Name of the bank
  • Bank account number
  • Sort code
  • Bank Account Name (This is your Payoneer account name which automatically becomes your bank account name.

You can always access your GBP bank details (or other accounts) by following the tips below; log in to your Payoneer account, >> click the THREE POINTS at the top of the Currency Card, then click >> “receive bills” >> then click “See details


From the main menu, click on “Get paid” >> then click “receive bills” then click on the “See details” on the currency card you want to get its details.

Entering your bank details in the AdSense account

  1. Go to,
  2. Go to “Payments” and under “Payment information” select Manage payment method and select Bank transfer.
  3. Enter the required information and submit your request.
  4. Google will then notify you of the next step (explained below).

How to verify your Google AdSense payment with Payoneer

After you successfully submit your bank details, Google will notify you that a sum of money will be deposited into the account, but won’t give you the specific amount because that’s verification.

Google takes 3-5 business days to complete this transaction. Therefore, you should always check your Payoneer account for updates.

This is how you go on to complete your Google Adsense UK verification, linking Payoneer as your payment option.

Step 1: Sign in to your Payoneer account

You should see a notification from Google, under “Transactions”

Google Deposit Money To Payoneer For Verification
UK AdSense Payout + Payoneer - How to set up UK AdSense Payout 3

But in case you get a lot of transactional updates, you can also find them from the main menu by navigating to “account activity” >> “Proceedings” >> then to see all incoming transaction updates


Click on the THREE DOTS on the top GBP card >>> then select “sterling transactions” to specifically enable viewing incoming transactions for the GBP account only.

Step 2: Click on the Google transaction notification (still in your Payoneer account) to see the full information.

What you need to look for is “the exact amount Google deposited into your Payoneer account”

Step 3. Sign in to your Google AdSense account

When you log in, navigate to “Payments” >> then click on the “check now” at the top of the warning alert.

Google Adsense Uk Account Verify Now
UK AdSense Payout + Payoneer - How to set up UK AdSense Payout 4

A dialog will then open for you to select the correct amount that Google has deposited into your Payoneer account. Make sure you select the correct figure, that was the reason for “STEP 2”!

Then click verify.

Google will then display a notification (after clicking “Verify”) informing you that your Payoneer Bank account is verified.

It also means that your Google AdSense earnings will be forwarded to the verified account from now on.

Now you see the possibility to earn with Google AdSense using Payoneer to receive your money. Well, if you haven’t created your AdSense account yet, learn how to do it here.

Main questions and answers

  • Can I change my bank account to another UK account?

Answer: Yes, you can always switch or add other UK accounts to receive your AdSense earnings.

  • Can I change my bank account to another currency and will it go through another verification process?

Answer: Well, you can’t add other currency except UK bank accounts. Your account is already set up for that currency.

Only later in the future Google will allow it.

I think this is an important update that Google should take into account. Because imagine a Youtuber or a Blogger travels from the UK to another country, so how will they get paid in that country? It will be a major update to see what happens. But for now (like when this post was published (June 20022), it’s impossible.

  • Will there be another verification to perform on my account?

Answer: At the time of publishing this post, only 2 verification steps are carried out on the Google AdSense account.

It depends on your country. But for UK; your address (code is sent) and bank verification.

While some other countries are usually your ID card verification and the Code sent your address for contact address verification.

If you have any more questions to ask, feel free to leave them in the comment box below. We are ready to serve you all, also our audience from all over the world can contribute.

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