Understanding Digital Marketing According to the Experts and Benefits, Disadvantages

Understanding Digital Marketing According to the Experts and Benefits, Disadvantages
Understanding Digital Marketing According to the Experts and Benefits, Disadvantages

GuruAkuntansi.co.id In this opportunity, we will discuss the meaning of digital marketing according to experts along with its advantages and disadvantages. I hope this discussion can be useful for you, happy reading…

In the global area, there are now many marketing techniques, from offline and online to online media, there are also many facilities that can be used for marketing, from Google, Facebook, Instagram and other media.

Understanding digital marketing according to the experts

Right off the bat, we discuss the meaning of digital marketing according to experts including:

According to Urban (2004: 2)

Digital marketing uses the facilities of the Internet and information technology to expand and improve traditional marketing functions. This definition is concentrated in all traditional marketing.

We can also say that opinions such as “interactive marketing”, one-to-one marketing and “e-marketing” are closely related to “digital marketing”.

Menurut Coviello, Milley and Marcolin (2001: 26)

Digital marketing is the use of Internet facilities and the use of other interactive technologies to create and connect dialogues between businesses and identified consumers.

Menurut Heidrick and no fight (2009: 1)

The development of digital marketing through a website, a mobile phone and a gaming device offers a new access to advertising that is not promoted and is very influential.

So why don’t marketers in Asia divert their budget away from traditional marketing such as TV, radio and print media, towards new media technology and more interactive media?

Menurut Kleindl and Burrow (2005)

The process of planning and implementing an idea or concept, price, promotion and distribution.

Marketing can be more simply interpreted as the development and maintenance of mutually satisfying relationships between businesses and consumers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Advertising

If you think that digital marketing or digital marketing is not something big and influential, then you are wrong.

As of 2014, the number of advertisements served on the Internet has surpassed that of network and cable television.

Traditional advertising no longer has ‘power’ considering multi-channel digital marketing continues to rise 137% plus support from a 500% increase in brands using digital marketing channels.

The drivers of this increase are, of course, consumers and you.

72% of consumers are already connected to the brand of their choice through various digital marketing channels.

Thus, although most consumers and entrepreneurs already have a digital marketing route, there are still small businesses that do not follow this trend.

You should know that digital marketing systems are not as complicated as you think. Digital marketing has provided many good benefits, both for entrepreneurs and consumers.

Here are some of the benefits of digital marketing that will convince you:

1. Digital marketing connects you with consumers on the internet

Today, consumers no longer search for information about a product or service through classified ad pages.

Currently, at least 80% of consumers use the Internet to obtain information about products or services more easily and conveniently.

By having the many tools and channels available in digital marketing, entrepreneurs can reach their target consumers, who spend their time searching for information on the Internet.

2. Digital marketing leads to high sales

Through digital media marketing, you can reach a larger part of your target audience. You can also generate leads (prospects) and achieve up to 24% increase in conversions (sales).

Digital marketing paves the way for marketing that will produce highly profitable results.

3. Digital marketing makes you save more

Gartnet Digital Marketing released a report showing how small business owners are now reaping many benefits from digital marketing.

just an exampleup to 40% of them reported cost efficiency in their business.

Small business here refers to a business or company that has limited resources.

Digital marketing can then help entrepreneurs, not to generate new generations and consumers, but also to save the expenses of entrepreneurs.

4. Digital marketing enables real-time customer service

Digital marketing offers you a real-time consumer or customer response mechanism, which will have a huge effect on the success of your business according to an eMarketer report.

The benefits of service channels provided by digital marketing include generating higher revenues, retaining customers, and providing service satisfaction to consumers.

5. Digital marketing connects you with consumers using mobile devices

Digital marketing takes you into a giant market area, where digital marketing activities via mobile drive up to 34% of all organic traffic.

According to eMarketer, mobile technology can also influence the purchasing behavior of these consumers. Data shows that 91% of adults in the United States use their mobile device all the time.

6. Digital marketing helps generate high income

Consumers who transact online need six main points to convince them

7. Digital marketing offers a higher ROI from your campaign

HubSpot’s report confirms that digital marketing can help you generate better cost per lead (CPL) compared to traditional marketing or even telemarketing.

8. Digital marketing becomes your position against competitors

Many brands and businesses today compete with each other with their digital marketing campaigns. Entrepreneurs use a variety of channels including displays, PPC, and the use of social media.

9. Digital marketing helps you compete with big companies

Not only does it keep you in line with the competition, but digital marketing also allows you to compete head-to-head with the big brands and companies.

10. Digital marketing prepares you for the Internet of Things era

Gartner reports that by 2020 an estimated 26 billion devices, smartphones, tablets, watches, glasses, shoes and other equipment will be interconnected in a global online ecosystem that will shape the Internet of Things era.

Advantages of digital marketing

The development of the business world is strongly influenced by technology and information. Including the part of marketing that every company must master.

The digital age requires you to master digital marketing or also known as digital marketing.

The concept of digital marketing is to use a wide range of media such as television, radio, mobile devices and the Internet.

This medium will provide infographics on the goods or services offered by entrepreneurs, especially with special emphasis on the brand of an item or service.

Especially in the Internet media that has become the most powerful means to shoot your business. It is claimed that this marketing medium can reach everyone, anytime, any way, anywhere.

Of course, it is far superior to conventional/manual marketing, which is only limited by time, location, and reach of users. Here are some of the advantages of digital marketing, including:

1. Very wide consumption scope, all over the world

The use of digital marketing techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the Google search engine, advertisements in online media and advertisements in social networks will undoubtedly reach a very wide range of consumers.

Anyone who accesses the matrix will come to advertisements or information about the services it provides. Not only in the local area, but everyone can access it.

2. The combination of resources can maximize results

Talking about the basics of digital marketing, you can easily maximize any resources that can support digital marketing.

Suppose using an official account to make it look more elegant, professional and trustworthy.

It is then joined with campaigns through YouTube media stories as various digital businesses that have now become popular.

3. Estimation of the number and specifications of the scope of potential customers

The advantage that is very profitable for entrepreneurs is being able to predict the specifications of the reach of consumers.

You can target potential buyers based on age, specialization, education level, gender, and daily behavior that is monitored on social media.

4. The time to achieve results is relatively faster and cheaper

Digital campaigns to boost business certainly provide faster and cheaper results than conventional methods.

Potential consumers will feel it more quickly because the scope is very wide at the same time.

Although it is cheap in certain techniques, because the concept of digital marketing can also be expensive because the strategies implemented require a lot of resources.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

The disadvantages of digital marketing include:

  1. can be imitated
  2. too many competitors
  3. It will not be noticed if it is not interesting.
  4. not necessarily suitable
  5. Reputation can be destroyed if there is a negative reaction.
  6. Too dependent on technology.
  7. Not everyone wears

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Therefore, the discussion on “The definition of digital marketing according to the experts and the benefits, strengths and weaknesses”, we hope that this discussion can add information and knowledge that is useful for us.

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