Update via OTA, iTunes and IPSW

Update via OTA, iTunes and IPSW
Update via OTA, iTunes and IPSW

Hello faithful visitors of tekno.pormovil.com! This time, the admin will provide a tutorial on how to update/Update iOS.

Apart from Android, iPhone is also one of the most widely used types of smartphones in Indonesia and abroad.

The iPhone itself uses the iOS operating system, which is always being developed so that users always get a better experience.

The way to update iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod is actually almost the same, that is, it can be done by OTA (Over The Air), or by IPSW and iTunes.

As we already know, this iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple which has many users from all over the world.

Although the specifications seem low, the iPhone is much better and can beat Android in terms of performance, why?

It is due to its highly efficient operating system and very stable applications that make the iPhone perform better to reach its full potential.

The operating system that the iPhone uses is called iOS. Currently, iOS has reached version 14 and higher.

The higher the version of iOS, the better and with more features. In addition, there will be changes and improvements over the previous version.

So this iOS update is very important for iPhone visitors.

Full Guide How to Update iOS Update to Latest Version

How To Update Ios

The following admin will guide about 3 ways visitors can use to update their iOS visitors to the latest version.

But the visitor needs to know whether the visitor’s phone supports the update or not?

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Looking at the list of phones compatible with iOS 13 and 14 above.

If you have it and the visitor’s phone supports it, follow the method that your administrator will explain below.

How to update iOS using IPSW

The first way visitors can use iOS update or update on iPhone.

Visitors can upgrade using IPSW or manually downloaded firmware.

On the one hand, visitors can decide for themselves which version of iOS they will use on their iPhone.

Furthermore, visitors will also be more flexible in updating multiple iPhones without repeatedly downloading IPSW.

To use this method, visitors also need the help of a computer with iTunes installed.

Here are the steps to update iOS using IPSW:

  1. First, go to the ipsw site.
  2. Next, download the iOS IPSW/Firmware file that matches the visitor’s iPhone. visitors must download the correct and correct IPSW so as not to make a mistake. Do not allow visitors to use IPSW files that do not match the visitor’s iPhone model because it can be fatal.
  3. After that, disable the Find My Phone feature on the visitor’s iPhone. How to open the iCloud menu in the Settings menu.
  4. Then connect the visitor’s iPhone to the computer using the visitor’s original data cable.
  5. After that, open the iTunes app installed on the visitor’s PC.
  6. Select Devices, then select Summary.
  7. You can immediately press the Refresh button accompanied by pressing the Shift (for Windows) or Option (for Mac) key.
  8. Then find the IPSW file that the visitor downloaded earlier. Then follow the process and prompts until the update is complete.
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How to update iOS via OTA (Over The Air)

OTA or Over The Air is the easiest and simplest way to update iOS.

By using this method, visitors can update without having to use a PC or laptop.

You can update directly through the iPhone used by visitors.

But if the visitor uses this method, the visitor must set up a connection

Stable WIFI internet or mobile data. Although the method is easy, the visitors still have to follow the steps which are good and correct.

Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, open the settings on the visitor’s iPhone.
  2. Then, after being in the Settings menu, select the General menu.
  3. From the menu, select Software Update.
  4. Then, lastly, visitors can directly select Download and Install, then the visitor’s iPhone will automatically start the download and installation process until it is complete.

With this, visitors can also get iOS recommendations that visitors can use on their iPhones.

When using this method, also make sure that the visitor is using a stable Internet or WIFI network.

Also make sure that the visitor’s internal storage is sufficient to carry out the update process.

Visitors’ HP battery must be above 50 percent when visitors upgrade, and don’t forget to backup visitors’ data first.

How to update iOS through iTunes

Another way that visitors can use to update iOS on iPhone besides using OTA is by using iTunes.

Unlike the previous method where we do not need to use a PC or laptop.

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This method requires us to use a PC or laptop during the update process.

You can use WIFI from the visitor’s cell phone or any Internet connection, which is important to connect to the Internet.

Right off the bat, here are the steps to update iOS using iTunes:

  1. First of all, make sure that iTunes is installed on the PC or laptop that the visitor is using.
  2. Then connect iPhone to PC using a data cable.
  3. To be on the safer side, please back up iPhone visitor data first.
  4. Once the visitor’s iPhone is connected to the PC, click the iPhone logo icon in the center left corner of iTunes.
  5. Later you will see the detailed information of the visitor’s iPhone device.
  6. Click the Update or Check for Updates button. If the update already exists or is available, the visitor will be taken directly to the approval page.
  7. Once the visitor agrees to all the proposed terms, the visitor will automatically download the firmware or IPSW. Once the download is complete, the visitor’s iPhone will be updated automatically.
  8. Wait until the update process completes, if it does it will usually be marked with the visitor’s iPhone rebooting and already using the latest version of iOS.

So many admin articles on how to update iOS via OTA, iTunes and IPSW to the latest version.

Hopefully, it can help visitors update iOS via OTA, iTunes, and IPSW.