Various types of agendas and examples

Various types of agendas and examples
Various types of agendas and examples

Although there are many types of planners that will be reviewed in this article, all of them retain their original function, that is, as a place to take notes.

Not just random notes, but dated notes about correspondence, administration, and filing activities.

For example, notes on letters in and out of the office, file records on when to get in and out of an item, etc.

The most common use is for correspondence activities. Where, it will be written about the date of the letter, letter number and other important information.

And for those of you who are looking for various agenda books or other types of agenda books, please read this article till the end.

Various types of agendas and examples

Without further ado, here are the various types of planners and examples, including:

A. Various agenda books depending on their uses

When viewed based on usability, planners fall into several types, including:

1. Incoming Mail Address Book

The incoming mail agenda book is a book used to record incoming mail activities at an agency or office.

For example, office A sends a letter to office B. After the letter arrives at office B, before it is delivered to the recipient of the letter, it will be recorded in the agenda book.

2. Outgoing mail address book

The outgoing mail agenda book is a book used to record outgoing mail activities from one agency to another.

If the same case above is used where office A sends a letter to office B, then before sending it, the letter will be recorded in the agenda book for outgoing letters of office A.

3. Administrative agenda and files

The administrative agenda book is a book used to record administrative information other than the above incoming and outgoing letters.

For example, such as workbooks, file records, journals, etc. In essence, this type of planner is only used for the purpose of recording all necessities.

B. Types of agendas according to their shape

Various Types Of Agendas And Examples
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Meanwhile, when viewed from the form, the agenda book is divided into several types, including:

1. Individual diary

The individual calendar book is a book used to record incoming and outgoing mail activities.

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The main characteristic of this type of agenda is that it is numbered consecutively on each page.

For this reason, in some cases, it is called a mixed agenda book. This topic will be discussed in the next point.

Also read:

Generally, the format used for writing standard notes begins with the number of the letter, followed by the date, the name of the agency that sent the letter, the subject, and any attachments.

For other purposes, some companies or offices include information about mail forwarding, in a more modern context called a carbon copy or CC and file code.

2. Mixed agenda

As mentioned above, a single agenda book is sometimes referred to interchangeably with a mixed agenda book.

So is the statement correct? Basically yes. Because the mixed calendar book is a book that is specifically used to record the activities of incoming and outgoing mail.

Although the traditional format of the agenda notes is maintained, the numbering is done sequentially for each page, as shown in the first reference image above.

3. Paired agenda book

A pair agenda is a type of agenda whose writing format is done in pairs. And this is the basis for its mention.

Thus, the write format is divided into several tables, but at the end of the table, followed by the same format as before, as shown in the image above.

4. Double agenda

Various types of agendas depending on their shape, the last one is the twin agenda. So what does a double agenda book mean?

Twin agenda book is a book that write notes for incoming and outgoing letters made separately from each other.

The format is standard, but for incoming letters, it is accompanied by information about the temporary file code for outgoing letters, there is an additional file column for the last column after the description.

C. Types of agendas according to their function

Various Types Of Agendas And Examples
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On the other hand, seen from its function, agenda books are divided into three types, among them:

1. Proof of Activity Records by Correspondence

First of all, the address book can be used as proof of records of incoming and outgoing mail activities.

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Thus, if it is needed later, the data or information on the letter can be clearly known.

Also, these records can be used as proof of whether the company in question actually issued the letter or not.

2. Know the number of incoming and outgoing mail

The second function is to find out how many incoming and outgoing cards there are in a given period.

Generally, the period is one year. It will then be replaced by a new book or by using another blank sheet.

3. Discover other details about the letter

Since the agenda book records important information related to incoming and outgoing letters, the details of the letters can be clearly identified through these notes.

What are the details? Depending on the type of letter from the date it was received, received from, the date and number of the letter, the subject, the attachments, the recipient, the information, etc.

What are these other things? It depends on the diary book. If it’s a record of incoming mail, then there’s an additional question about the file code.

D. Types of agendas according to the cover

Various Types Of Agendas And Examples
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The agenda book cover can be customized as desired, such as adding company name and logo, agenda book information, etc.

Usually, for this, companies or offices have to resort to offset printing. And generally, there are two types of agenda book covers, including:

1. Hard cover diary

Hardcover refers to an agenda book whose cover is hard and rigid. Usually, the purpose of using a hard cover is to make the book last longer.

Generally, the printer will use cardboard or thick cardboard, then cover it with cloth, leather or paper.

After that, it will be tied. The binding method itself depends on the request, either sewn, glued in place, or using a spiral binding model.

2. Soft cover diary

Paperback refers to the paperback of the agenda book. The advantage of this type of cover is its low price.

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For this reason, agenda books generally use this type of cover. The cover itself is only added with thick paper cardboard on the front and back.

In some cases, the surface of the paper is added with a matte or matte coating to maintain the attractive appearance of the surface.

E. Binding-Based Agenda Book Example

On the other hand, when viewed from the binding mode, the agenda book is divided into several ways, including:

1. Thread seam binding

Sewing thread diary is a kind of diary which is in the process of combining the cover and the inner sheet by sewing.

It is that, in general, this type of volume is only used for hard cover agendas. However, in terms of price, it is a bit expensive compared to other binding methods.

2. Hot glue binding

While thread stitching is usually done for hardcover diaries, hot glue binding is more commonly used for softcover versions.

Where, every part of the book including the cover will be bound with hot glue. And this is an option to choose an economic agenda.

However, hot glue and sewing thread can be combined to produce a planner that is stronger, more durable, and more perfect.

3. Spiral or wire binding

Lastly, there is spiral binding, which typically uses metal and plastic coils to hold each sheet of paper inside.

So, are spiral binding and wire binding the same thing? Of course. But, generally use metal and not plastic.

One of the advantages of this bound planner is its ability to open 360 degrees without the need to fold the back cover of the book.

And, in general, since the pages of the planner are not very many, spiral or wire binding is the most popular use of the other two methods above.


As mentioned above, the agenda book is widely used to take notes for various activities.

From incoming letters, outgoing letters, and other administrative purposes, such as file records, diaries, etc.

Thus, the article on the different types of agendas and examples. Hopefully this article can be useful to you. ***