Viral video commotion in Magelang store overhang

Viral video commotion in Magelang store overhang
Viral video commotion in Magelang store overhang– The commotion of the viral video in the overhang of the Magelang storeHello analog friends, see you again with Nisa, this is the information that Nisa will give this time.

Recently, the virtual world was shaken by the circulation of a video of an immoral act on the overhang of a store, which is suspected to come from the city of Magelang.

The Megelang City Police withheld the identity of the perpetrator in the video of immoral acts in a public place, which is just outside the shop ledge of the Rejowinagun Market in Melang City, which is viral on social media.

Kaporles City Magelang Akbp Yolandia Evalyn Sebayang said that at this time her party was still at the stage of investigation into the case.

“We have found the culprit, but it is still being cleared up first because the person in question has not been able to be questioned,” Magelang City Police Chief AKBP Yolanda Evalyn Sebayang said when meeting with the media team at the 11th floor of City Secretary Menglang, Thursday (02/17/2022)

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The police also do not want to reveal the identity of the perpetrator in the viral video on various social media platforms.

It is suspected that the perpetrators have not yet been able to be questioned, only one person in question is 120 years old, said the Chief of Police.

Viral video commotion in Magelang store overhang

Geger Video Viral Di Emperan Toko Magelang
Viral video commotion in Magelang store overhang

The Kaporles said officers had a hard time asking for information about the alleged perpetrators because the alleged perpetrators were already in a daze and when asked, they were mostly silent.

Kaporles said at this time the suspect was not taken into custody and was returned home.

At that time we returned to his house and it became known where he lived, the officers continued to collect information because it was suspected that they were the authors of the closure of the Police Headquarters.

The police found out who uploaded the video, where the person who uploaded it was a sixth grader and the person in question got a video of his subject.

According to the boy’s statement, he accidentally uploaded it to the beatbook, so we’re still investigating, he said.

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The video, which has been spread on various media platforms, has drawn criticism from netizens.

The alleged perpetrator is an elderly man who was interrogated by the PP of the city of Mangelang Satpol.

Mangelang City Rejowinagun Market toilet employee Yana Pramudianto (27) said that the alleged palaku worked as a beggar in the market area.

Previously, he had been detained by Saptol PP and brought to the office every day like a beggar.

She has a friend who works looking for used bottles, she said when she met at the place on Thursday (02/17/2922)

He added that the alleged perpetrator and his close friend had always been together.

Usually, if the suspect is begging, his friend will come to him.

They gave him money and he kissed him on the cheek, if it’s normal, it’s normal, but that’s what the midfielder explained.

He added that at night the Rejowinangun market area is quiet.

Because the market activities take place from morning to afternoon, while at night all shops are closed

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Yes, at night it is very quiet here because you can imagine that they are all merchants, he said.

Meanwhile, Wartiningsih, a resident of Mangelang City, admitted that she was unsettled by the immoral act.

He also hopes that the perpetrators can be immediately found and punished for this dishonorable act. “Yes, they must be found immediately because they have felt that they received punishment as well,” he said.

And in the future, it might be possible to add security around the location so that such incidents don’t happen again.

And that thing or content is very inappropriate to upload to social networks, especially for primary school children who are clearly underage, because news on social networks spreads very fast, therefore, you have to be more careful.


That is the information Nisa can convey this time about The shock of the unpleasant video in the cantilever of the Magelang storethanks for visiting again

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