Viral video from Pererenan beach, there are more Caucasians Wikwik

Viral video from Pererenan beach, there are more Caucasians Wikwik
Viral video from Pererenan beach, there are more Caucasians Wikwik
Video-Viral-Bule-Bali-Beach-Parerenan – Social media users are once again excited by the viral video from Pererenan beach showing Caucasians wrestling comfortably with women.

In the viral video from Pererenan Beach, which is over 2 minutes long, Bule’s delicious wrestling action is shown with a beautiful woman who doesn’t know her name.

Now the video of nice white foreigners wrestling with a woman reportedly found near Pererenan Beach in Bali is being hounded by netizens who missed the viral information.

Released from various sources, the incident in the video of Balinese Caucasians having sex took place at night. The location is said to be Pererenan beach.

The video of foreigners or Caucasians allegedly having sex on Pererenan beach, Mengwi district, Badung, Bali was immediately disturbing.

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The head of the Perbekel or Pererenan village, Nyoman Sumartana, was hesitant to confirm that the location of the viral foreigner who had sex was in his area.

“I noticed a friend sent a photo, it doesn’t look like the video was in Pererenan,” he said, releasing the tikBali report on Friday (6/17/2022).

Sumartana admitted that he had asked the Mengwi sector police to follow up on the viral video of Balinese Caucasians performing indecent acts on Pererenan beach.

Security officers in the town, he said, also reviewed and compared the locations contained in the video of the bumbling Caucasians.

“If he is in Pererenan, he will be arrested immediately or on any beach because I dare not confirm that he is on our beach,” he added.

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Police investigate viral video from Pererenan beach

Separately, Mengwi Police Chief Kompol I Nyoman Darsana confirmed that his party had received an oral report about a viral video of Caucasians having sex on a beach.

The report was submitted by Pererenan Perbekel on June 13, 2022. Now his party is investigating the video of Caucasians performing this indecent act.

“In fact, from the video I received, many thought the location was in Pererenan. But it’s not necessarily because there is a light and it’s bright,” he said.

“At Pererenan beach, everything is dark. So we have not been able to conclude and we are currently being investigated,” he said when contacted by detikBali.

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Although it is not clear which beach, police confirmed that the video of Caucasians having sex took place on one of the beaches in Bali. Also, the voices of the people speak Balinese.

“We have not been able to decide on which beach and when. It can be an old video or a new one. I just make sure it’s in Bali because the recorder uses the Balinese language,” she added.

Darsana added that his party would investigate the case. Including unearthing information related to the circulating video recorder.

“What is clear is that we are going to investigate who the recorder is, what cell phone he uses and when,” he said.