Wae Rebo Flores, a famous resort town among tourists

Wae Rebo Flores, a famous resort town among tourists
Wae Rebo Flores, a famous resort town among tourists

If you come to Lombok to enjoy the impressive charm of the sea, do not forget to also make a trip to its neighbor, Flores.

In Flores, which enters the East Nusa Tenggara area, you can easily find various exciting and interesting tourist spots that are certainly no less exciting than your vacation in Lombok.

Those of you traveling in Flores entering the eastern region of Indonesia will find many interesting things.

One of them is a very tempting tourist spot of Wae Rebo. Wae Rebo is a tourist town that is now very well known and there are even many tourists who come to enjoy the culture and hospitality that Wae Rebo emits. Are you also interested in visiting Wae Rebo?

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Information of Tourist Village in Wae Rebo, Flores

Wae Rebo Desa Wisata Di Pulau Flores Yang Terkenal Dikalangan Turis

Wae Rebo Tourist Village is a village located in West Satarmese District, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

The location is indeed remote and isolated because it is behind a forest. If you want to visit Wae Rebo, you have to go into the forest up to 9 km.

This village offers an opportunity for visitors to witness the authentic side of the Manggarai dwelling. You can also interact with the local community.

In Wae Rebo you have the opportunity to see the mbaru niang, which is a traditional traditional house in the shape of a circular cone with a very unique architecture.

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Until now, mbaru niang is still used as a place to hold meetings or prayer rituals together.

This traditional house even had moments of concern where its condition had started to deteriorate. However, in 2008, thanks to a visit from Yori Antar, this house was saved.

If you come to visit Wae Rebo, you will not only see the authentic Manggarian dwellings, but also have the opportunity to experience the daily life of the local people.

Here you can see people who work as farmers and gardeners. There are also those who are busy harvesting and processing coffee and beans. You can also witness the activities of the women at Wae Rebo who weave traditional songket.

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If you come to Wae Rebo, you can take home the songket cloth woven by the women of Wae Rebo. The price is of course a bit expensive because this woven fabric is originally woven.

If you want to spend the night in Niang Mbaru, enjoy dinner and socialize with the Wae Rebo tourist townspeople, you can spend the night at a resident’s house with a mat made from pandan leaves.

But of course you can feel the atmosphere of warmth and intimacy at Wae Rebo. Get an interesting and exciting travel experience at Wae Rebo, Flores. Happy Holidays.