Warning, my mommy is a savage! Chapter 450 by Seeking A Peaceful

Warning, my mommy is a savage!  Chapter 450 by Seeking A Peaceful
Warning, my mommy is a savage! Chapter 450 by Seeking A Peaceful

Chapter 450
Senior Jordan never anticipated that things would not be what they seemed… If he were to transfer his estates to Charmine, the entire family would object. Therefore, he greeted with disdain. “Not now.”
In Villa Violeta.
Charmine charged her phone and turned on silent mode, preparing for her flight to Kansas. She carried Chris in her arms and read him stories to put him to sleep. Chris finally fell asleep at 11pm. Charmine placed him on the bed and said quietly to Anthony, “I need to get out. Take good care of Momo.” “This dark of night?” Anthony looked up from his document. Charmine nodded. “Robert is in a difficult situation and I need to save him.” “I can fix-“
“I know you can send someone in my place, but it’s no use. This is a special situation, and I need to go there myself. Just stay home and take care of Momo,” Charmine interrupted him as he spoke with a determined tone.
He went into the dressing room and took out his agent costume. Anthony didn’t fight back seeing Charmine determined and determined. Still, after she left, he pulled out her phone to tell Luke, “Get a hundred men to watch Charmine from behind.” “Yes sir!” Charmine drove a compact car from her villa, but it was only then that she noticed the few missed calls from Senior Jordan on her phone. She quickly called her phone, all to no avail. Perhaps her grandfather was sound asleep at the time. Senior Jordan wouldn’t normally call her and wouldn’t give her a few missed calls at once. With doubts on her mind, Charmine made a U-turn and headed for the Jordan mansion. She made a quick act to phone Kay on her way as well. “Postpone the flight for an hour, I’m going to go back to the Jordan mansion first.”
The door to the Jordan mansion had been closed and the lights had been turned off at 11 p.m. They were all fast asleep. The grand-looking door was firmly closed, and only a soft glow from the lamp by the door illuminated the residence. Charmine quickly got out of her car and rang the doorbell, and a guard finally answered the door. When he saw that it was Charmine, he said politely, “Are you back, Miss Jordan?”
“I’m here to find Grandpa.” Charmine entered. She didn’t make it a few more steps when the guard stopped her. “I’m sorry, but Senior Jordan is pretty upset today and he’s asleep. If Mrs. Jordan wants to come in, I’ll have to inform Mr. and Mrs. first.”
Charmine narrowed her eyes. inform them first? Since when did she have to inform them before coming home?
Sure, no one liked him even at a young age, but no one stopped him from coming home. They wouldn’t do that to him.
“Did something happen today?” the question left her lips coldly and firmly. I’m not so sure. Sir instructed us at night that if he comes back, they can’t let him through this gate without informing them first. Kindly understand that I am just doing my job,” the guard replied politely, his head lowered as he did so.
The guard next to him called out to Adam at that moment, and it wasn’t long before he answered.” Is Charmine back? Give him the phone!” .
The guard handed the phone to Charmine. Charmine greeted him with a cold expression, wondering what Adam had to say.

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