Watch Tokyo Avengers Episode 21 Sub Indo for Free

Watch Tokyo Avengers Episode 21 Sub Indo for Free
Watch Tokyo Avengers Episode 21 Sub Indo for Free
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Mikey’s fight against Kazutora is unstoppable. Will Baji and Kazutora meet their end in this episode? Let’s watch Tokyo Revengers sub indo episode 21 and find out what happens next!

In episode 20, seeing all of the Tokyo division captains, Manji, even Draken, entrusting Mikey’s safety to Kisaki, Baji quickly climbed onto the pile of wrecked cars and hit Kisaki’s head to knock him unconscious. . This also failed and he was rebuffed by one of Kisaki’s men.

Seeing this, Chifuyu tried to protect Baji from going against Kisaki now, when everyone supported Kisaki. Baji punches Chifuyu and tells her to stop, Chifuyu can’t even stand up to his former division captain.

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Takemichi quickly came over and tried to stop Kisaki from killing Baji. Takemichi suddenly remembered the story 12 years later that the one who killed Baji was not Kisaki, but Kazutora. Instantly, Kazutora came and stabbed Baji, at Kisaki’s manipulation.

Takemichi quickly pushed Kazutora away. Baji immediately got up and prepared to attack the 3rd division and beat Kisaki. Takemichi and Chifuyu also agree to help Baji defeat Kisaki, but Baji beats them both up, leaving Mikey behind.

After tying up his hair, Baji took the pipe and prepared to fight against 50 members of the 3rd Division. Kisaki was a bit scared to learn that his plan to kill Baji had failed. Baji quickly defeats everyone until only Kisaki remains, but he loses consciousness before defeating Kisaki.

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Synopsis Anime Tokyo Avengers episode twenty-one

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Watch Tokyo Avengers Episode 21 Sub Indo for Free 5

Seeing Baji lying in front of Kisaki, Chifuyu blamed Kisaki for what happened, but Kisaki said that he didn’t touch Baji at all. Chifuyu also saw to Baji that he was covered in blood from Kazutora’s stab wound. Chifuyu also shouted Kazutora’s name with hatred.

Takemichi realized that nothing had changed from the history of Draken in the future, nothing had changed. Amidst the silence, Kisaki suddenly created a narrative, as if Kazutora’s goal was to invite Baji to Valhalla because she wanted to kill Baji. Takemichi was confused as to why he was lying.

Instantly, Mikey stood behind Kisaki after seeing Baji covered in blood. Mikey was consumed with rage and slowly descended from the pile of wrecked cars to kill a shocked Kazutora.

Hanma also blocked, but Mikey quickly kicked Hanma’s temple and made him pass out. All the members of Valhalla ran scared seeing Mikey angry. Mikey immediately beat Kazutora mercilessly.

Will Kazutora survive the battle this time? Let’s watch Tokyo Revengers sub indo episode 20 and find out what happens next!

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more curious about animated that’s how it is. As will be? Well, here is a site that you can use to watch Tokyo Avengers.


This is good news for lovers. animated who can’t wait to watch this anime. You can watch Tokyo Avengers on YouTube for free.

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It’s very easy, you just click Link the one below the photo or enter by browser you and copy and paste Link which is below the photo. Or you can also go directly to YouTube and type in Tokyo Reveners.

It’s all free to stream on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. So you don’t have to bother looking for it. website other. In addition, Muse Asia has also created a special channel for Indonesian subtitles.

Of course, the advantage of watching on YouTube is that you can only access it by bill you and you do not have to pay anything. Unless you want premium YouTube without the new ads you have to pay for, the rest is free.

The downside is seeing animated you may have to watch some of the ads on channel the. However, it is not too annoying.


Will Takemichi rewrite history? What do you think about Tokyo Avengers episode 21? Share your opinion in the comment column yes!

For those who haven’t watched Tokyo Revengers Indonesian sub episode 21 on YouTube, let’s watch this anime right away! Let’s make it more fun, always ready snack so that the viewing experience becomes more fun! Don’t miss the 22nd episode of the Indonesian sub Tokyo Revengers airing on YouTube on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

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