Ways to make the most of commuting

Ways to make the most of commuting
Ways to make the most of commuting

COVID-19 has greatly impacted the world. Its impact has been mostly negative. However, it has also introduced new concepts in our daily lifestyle. One such novelty is working from home. We know that back in those days, the only way to keep things going was to avoid public transportation. Therefore, all job sectors made employees work from home. In fact, for the last two years, we’ve gotten comfortable with it. Obviously, working from home has many benefits. One of the main benefits is to avoid the trip.

Now that the days of the pandemic are over, we are slowly getting back into our normal lives. However, the discomfort of people with displacement is stronger every day. We have all become accustomed to working from home. Therefore, people are still trying to avoid the trip. In fact, a McKinsey study revealed that about 30% of people threatened to quit their job if their employer asked them to come to the office every day. The main problem with them is the travel.

However, quitting your job is never a solution. Rather, we should look for ways to get used to our normal ways of life. Therefore, we have to accept travel as an important part of our lifestyle. In fact, there are some research-based ways to have a better travel experience. So, read the article to learn the ways to get the most out of your daily commute.

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Factors that affect the daily commute

There are certain factors that affect your daily commute. These are:

A study from the University of Waterloo reveals that long commute times result in lower job satisfaction. In addition, another study from the University of Montreal reveals that there is a link between exhaustion and commuting. Thus, it suggests that increased travel time may lead to emotional drain. It can also make people less effective at their jobs. Therefore, the best way to avoid this is to select your employer wisely. Always try to select a workplace that you can reach in a minimum amount of time. So the trick is to minimize travel time.

Scheduling your trip is essential. In fact, a Dartmouth College study suggests that if the commute is scheduled, we tend to be less stressed. In fact, it will also make us more effective at work. Therefore, try to schedule your daily commute. It’s best to plan your weekly commute to work in advance. We know that it will not always be possible. However, being consistent is necessary.

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A study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health suggests that traveling through natural spaces results in better mental health. On the other hand, another study from Arizona State University suggests that traveling through areas with lots of fast food or supermarkets results in higher BMI and reduced physical well-being. Therefore, it is better to choose a travel route that passes through natural spaces.

According to studies conducted by the University of Waterloo and Dartmouth College, a more active mode of travel leads to better mental and physical health. Therefore, it is important to choose active means of transportation such as walking or cycling.

Ways to make the most of commuting

Ways To Make The Most Of Commuting

In addition to focusing on the factors listed above, there are also ways you can make the most of your daily commute:

The study conducted by Dartmouth College suggests that those who use their devices while traveling feel more stressed. Therefore, it is important that you leave your devices aside during the trip. In fact, one must live the experience and listen to songs. It is essential to think about the day ahead. Similarly, you can also reflect on the work you have finished. This will help make your trip meaningful.

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One way to make your commutes interesting is to make them productive. Without being passive, engage in something interesting, like reading books, watching podcasts, talking with friends, or learning a language. Therefore, it is necessary to feel that your travel time is valuable. Thighs will help you raise the quality of your life.

According to research from the University of Chicago, when people talk to strangers they feel fulfilled and happy. So, another way to make the most of your daily commute is to strike up friendly conversations with strangers.


So, here are some ways you can make your commute interesting. These ways will also help you get into the normalcy of life more effectively in the post-pandemic era.

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