Website making money direct to newest account 2022

Website making money direct to newest account 2022
Website making money direct to newest account 2022

Work is a compulsory activity that must be done to earn income that can then be used to survive. Do you know websites to earn money?

There are many ways that can be done to earn income today, especially during a pandemic like the current one, you have to be smart to find extra money to survive.

The impact of covid-19 is very sad, many factories or companies are forced to lay off their employees because they cannot pay salaries every month.

That way, you have to look for additional work elsewhere. Well, if you are curious about this money making website, consider the following explanation. Let’s discuss!

How to work online to earn money

Website To Make Money

With the development of the times, especially when everything is digital, all aspects of human life have depended on the Internet. Especially now that we are still in a pandemic.

The existence of the internet can facilitate human work. With the internet you can do something without having to meet and meet face to face.

Actually, the term work from home existed before the pandemic, but it’s weird because only certain people can do it. Also, there are not many jobs that allow you to work from home.

Along with the development of the current era, the types of work are becoming more and more diverse. From the main job to the additional job, or from tied or untied work, and many other types of work.

website to make money online

Previously, you may have heard of online surveys and filling out online forms with the promise of prize money.

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The promised money was not in large amounts, even relatively small, only around a few thousand rupees.

Such a website provides money easily, but because the amount is small, you need to take a survey first so that the amount of money is not too small.

Therefore, this time we would like to share information related to various websites that can earn money in an easy way and the income is quite decent. These money making websites include:


Website To Make Money

On this website there is a survey service that you must complete according to the attached questions. This website contains a survey that will be used to conduct market research on a product or a company.

Users are invited to fill out the form according to how they feel, then they are given a reward after completing the survey form on this website.


Website To Make Money

This website also provides online surveys and has been shown to provide real wages and is accompanied by evidence of the members involved. The income obtained from this website ranges between 0.3 and 2 USD, depending on the weight of the survey carried out.

Even if you don’t receive much, the wages given can be accumulated. If you do it repeatedly, you can get money in the amount of tens of dollars.


Website To Make Money

In addition to surveys, you can also earn money online. One way is by browsing certain websites based on a predetermined time. It seems likely that this method is easier because it’s just navigating.

payment by mail

Website To Make Money

For those who like to write, you can try the PayPerPost website. This website offers a monetary reward for each article and review that is made available.

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If you are diligent in writing reviews on this website, you can earn more than Rs 3 crore every month.


Website To Make Money

Of course you are already familiar with the word captcha, which is usually an image or text with a strange font when accessing certain websites.

It turns out that you can earn money just by solving captcha puzzles. This method is unique because it makes money through the Internet and it seems very easy to do.


Website To Make Money

As with other websites, Yougov also includes a website that offers a certain amount of money for people who complete surveys on this app.

Yougov has been around for a long time and still survives today. This indicates that Yougov is a reliable salary payment website based on user survey results.


Website To Make Money

Snapwire is a money making site that is quite different from the others. This website offers content creation system and networking program to connect various content creators on one platform.

This method can make you earn money through affiliate programs or collaborations with other users or also with a brand of a company.


Website To Make Money

Have any of you ever heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) system? Websites that offer PPC methods to their users.

You, as a user, are assigned to click on the advertisements that appear and will be rewarded according to the number of advertisements clicked. The more ads you click, the more wages you get.

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collect blogger

Website To Make Money

Kumpul Blogger is one of the sites that can be used to earn money from Indonesia. The display of this site uses the Indonesian language so that users can easily understand the tasks given on it.

Vindale Research

Website To Make Money

This website is dedicated to evaluating online products and services based on user experience. On this website you are given the task to complete various surveys and then you will be rewarded. The same with other websites.

Are websites to make money online safe?

Website To Make Money

Perhaps you have heard of websites that do not pay wages for work according to the promised agreement or are often called scam or scam websites.

Inevitably, there are many scam websites on the Internet that only promise salaries but do not deliver them in real life.

This is usually a fake money making website and the name is not well known among money seekers working online.

Our message, always be vigilant and educate yourself about the website first before you enter your identity and start doing the work. After all, evil is everywhere, guys!


That is a review of websites to make money online, use the website as best as possible for useful things and don’t use your hard earned money for free.

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We hope that the article that we transmit to you will be useful for all of you, do not forget to share it with your friends who need it. We would like to express our gratitude.