What does rawr mean?

What does rawr mean?
What does rawr mean?

What does Rawr Mean mean in Indonesian, which is now being spoken by many millennials on social media?

Maybe some of you often get words or see screenshot posts containing the words What Does Rawr on your social media.

But what does it really mean? Surely you have searched for it in the google translator but you have not given it the correct meaning.

Yes, because this is slang, so it cannot be translated, so from here we will explain the sense and meaning of the words.

What does rawr mean?

What Does Rawr Mean?
What does rawr mean? 3

The word Rawr comes from WhatsApp users using dinosaur stickers with the popular Rawr quote.

From there, it spread to other social networks like Twitter and Instagram, and over time it became a habit expressed by many other users.

This sounds very strange, but if you’re serious, you can use the word Rawr, but when you say it, you have to say it out loud.

That way, anyone listening can be sure of what you’re saying. Because the word Rawwrr emphasizes the sentence.

In the Dictionary of Slang, Rawr is a sentence that can be used to express feelings, but it can also be used to express our tastes in food and hobbies.

If you have an account on social networks, many people have already told you, which shows that they like you.

We hear this a lot on the internet and on social media, so a lot of people must be searching for this term.

In fact, Rawwrr’s sentence comes from the word dinosaur. Now that we know that dinosaurs sound like “Rawr”, we can conclude that this sentence is an expression sentence.

In other words, the Rawr sentence is a sentence that is used to highlight the sentence of the person who mentions the word Rawr.

Below is an example of a sentence that uses the word Rawwrr.

Examples of the use of the word Rawr

  • raw i love you = this means that you really love someone to whom you give the floor.
  • Raw I hate you = this means you really hate someone you give that speech..
  • Rawr I’m Tired = this means that you feel tired or bored.

In fact, this phrase or slang is used mainly by teenagers, who are students on average, many of whom are currently active on social networks.

Yes, many of you may think that this does not make sense and is also an unimportant word, but in some millennials this expression is used a lot.

So now it’s up to you, do you want to join using this prayer or not? Hahaha

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So, that is our discussion on the meaning and importance of the sentence What Does Rawrr Mean, which is currently the subject of discussion and is a topic that is often discussed on social networks.

I hope you understand, thank you.

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