What human feeling am I? tik tok trend (website in description)

What human feeling am I?  tik tok trend (website in description)
What human feeling am I? tik tok trend (website in description)

Question What Human Feeling Am I Trending On Tik Tok (Website In Description)

makaryo.net – Questionnaire What human feeling am I? tik tok trend (website in description), feelings can be defined as the states and reactions that the human body is capable of expressing in the face of events experienced by individuals.

These reactions or states of the human body are common to all human beings and can be manifested either by recent events or by something that is relived through memories triggered by memory.

This process that activates memory is carried out by the part of the brain that processes memory. feelings and is called the limbic system.

Maybe what human feeling I am

The dynamics of feelings are something which has been studied by psychological currents, with different theories on the complex object of study. For example, fear is a type of feeling in which it is assumed that there are direct or indirect risks, threats or dangers for the person. In this way, feelings incorporate many characterizations and different ways of presenting themselves, since sometimes they can indicate something good and positive, sometimes they can demonstrate bad things.

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You feelings can also be recognized from one person to another. This is called empathy. It is not necessary for the other person to have the same reaction or the same state and this can vary depending on their competence to face the situation.

Learn more about empathy. One of the terms most used as a synonym for sentiment within philosophical traditions is that of passion, since it refers to a resulting pain sensation of an intense desire for another person or object. But synonyms such as affection, emotion, affection, affection, among others, can also be used.

types of feelings

According to Harvard professor Abraham Maslow, human beings are born with a sense of positive and negative personal values. And that sense also affects how you react to feelings.

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The positive points are: honesty, justice, truth, beauty, vigor, power, order, intelligence, humor, etc. The negative aspects are: sadness, pity, morbidity, ugliness, falsehood, chaos, deception, weakness, etc.

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Difference between feelings and emotions.
Although they are seen as synonyms, feelings and emotions are considered movements different from a psychological and psychological point of view.

last word

Emotion can be characterized as a set of chemical and neural responses based on emotional memories, which arise when the brain receives an external stimulus. The feeling would then be a response. to that set of emotional responses and refers to how a person feels about those responses. Therefore, they are two types of reactions that are totally related to each other.

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