What is Free Fire FF settings? Here is the full explanation

What is Free Fire FF settings?  Here is the full explanation
What is Free Fire FF settings? Here is the full explanation

What is the FF configuration? – Free Fire is an online survival shooter that has many active players every day, so it is no surprise that this game is number one in game searches on Google Play Store. In addition, Garena, as a developer, always regularly organizes events that make the survivors always feel at home playing the game.

However, Free Fire is also a game that has many cheats, and if you look at it, there are already many kinds of ff cheats that have been spread on various sites. The purpose of this hack is to make it easier for players to play the game, whether it is to get easy booyah, get free diamonds, free skins and many more features.

We can use various cheat methods, starting with using mod apk or using configuration scripts that we can install in the game. We have often heard about the configuration script itself, but even so, it turns out that there are still many survivors who do not understand what configuration is. Well, for those of you who are curious about what ff config is, check out the full review.

Apa Itu Configuration FF Free Fire?

Apa Itu Configuration Ff Free Fire

Config is an abbreviation for configuration that means adjustment, so with config we can have a software or application according to what we want. As for the script itself, it is code created by someone to make configuration adjustments automatically.

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In the free fire game itself, there are several configuration scripts that you can use and of course with their respective functions, such as getting free skins, diamonds, bullet resistance, antennas and others. Basically, this ff config hack is made so that its users can get a game easier than those who don’t use it.

So it is not surprising that this cheat setup is always sought after by survivors who want an instant method. But you should also know that this method is prohibited by Garena because it is illegal and very harmful not only to Garena but also to honest players. Therefore, this method has the risk that your ff account will be banned.

What is FF Config and its functions?

As mimin explained above, there are many types of settings with each function and also advantages, and maybe some of the survivors have memorized it because they have often used the cheat setting method. For more details below, Mimin has written various types of FF configuration and their functions.

  • Set automatic headshot
  • Diamond Free Setup
  • skin free configuration
  • Configure Aerial View
  • Configuration 1 Hit Mati
  • Configuration anti-delay
  • translucent configuration
  • and many more
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Those are some examples of settings that cheaters can often use, but of course not only that, but there are many more types of settings that we can use to make it easier to play free fire games.

Risks of using Config

Using the settings is the same as cheating and this is strictly prohibited by Garena, in addition to harming sportsmanship, it is also very detrimental to Garena as a developer or developer of Free Fire games. If Garena detects user settings, it is very fatal, the account we use may be banned and this has often been experienced by cheaters.

Therefore, Mimin always tells survivors who want to use cheats that they should be prepared to take the risk if the developer detects them, because other players will also help monitor cheating players. So for those of you who aren’t ready to take the risk, don’t try to use cheats.

As for the anti-ban function contained in the settings, it is not a guarantee that those of us who use cheats will be safe, because gradually we will also be caught. Maybe a suggestion from Mimin if you want to use cheats just use it for fun and not too often eg use a second account or a backup account to keep the main account safe and specifically for honest play.

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Does using the settings work?

Whether it works or not depends on the configuration itself, if it is new and the error in ff game has not been updated, it is possible that the configuration works as it should, but if the configuration is old, it is most likely that the configuration sea ​​does not work, that is because Garena made the latest update and already fixed the existing bugs.

So folks, don’t be surprised if there are many kinds of the latest cheats that have been dispersed quickly, because modders will always follow the updates of the game they are seeing. For that, if you want to use an apk or config hack, then use the latest version, because the chance of it working will be higher.

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the last word

That’s an explanation of what is ff config that is often used by many free fire game cheats to make it easier to play. I hope that what I have explained above can be understood by all of you. Thank you for your visit and I hope it is useful.