What is the difference between ice cream and sundae, different ways of making and serving?

What is the difference between ice cream and sundae, different ways of making and serving?
What is the difference between ice cream and sundae, different ways of making and serving?

What is the difference between ice cream and ice cream? In recent years, ice cream is a very new trend in Indonesia. Ice cream outlets are scattered everywhere. The ice cream has a stronger flavor and creamy, different from the ice cream that is dessert frozen.

To know more about the difference between gelato and ice cream, see the following explanation!

What is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?

1. Materials – Manufacturing Materials

The basic difference between ice cream and ice cream is in the ingredients they are made from. Especially ice cream and sundae, which at first glance are similar, but the basic ingredients are quite different. Next, ice cream made with cream and head of milk with egg yolk as a developer is added.

While ice cream, the main basic ingredient is milk. whole milk, sugar and egg yolks in less quantity than ice cream. milk consumption whole milk This makes ice cream relatively lower in fat content than ice cream.

2. Manufacturing Process

for production Homemade, ice cream and sundae are made with a mixer. All the ingredients to make ice cream are churned at a high and fast speed, so a lot of air enters and makes the ice cream expand by 25-90%.

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Meanwhile, to make the ice cream, all the raw materials are stirred at low speed. So the ice cream can only expand by 20 – 25%.

However, for large-scale manufacturing and it will be used as a home business, you can use an ice cream maker or ice cream maker. There are also 2 types of ice cream machines, namely for soft ice cream and hard ice cream. You can buy quality machines only at Machine House.

3. Freezing temperature

Ice cream and ice cream are frozen at different temperatures. The ice cream should be frozen between -20℃ and -12℃ so that it does not melt quickly. Ice cream requires higher temperature, that is, frozen only at -10℃. If the temperature is too cold, the texture of the ice cream will be very hard.

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4. Texture and Flavor

The composition of the ingredients is different, the brewing method is also different, of course the texture and flavor produced are also different. When eaten, the ice cream has a light and creamy texture. This is because the ice cream is intentionally made to ‘puff up’. The flavor of the cream is very pronounced and quite pungent on the tongue because it is frozen at a very cold temperature.

Ice cream has a denser texture and stronger flavor concentration than ice cream. However, when eaten, the ice cream does not tedampar on the tongue because freezing temperature is not that cold.

The difference between ice cream and ice cream

When viewed from the form of presentation, ice cream is actually often considered more similar to frozen yogurt. Ice cream is often served with fruit as a topping or with a plain look. The price of the ice cream also varies according to the size of the package and the toppings, which range from 30 thousand for the small one, 45 thousand for the medium one and 60 thousand for the large one.

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There is also ice cream which is available in 1 liter packs and of course the price can go up to hundreds of thousands of rupees. Ice cream prices can also vary depending on the brand of the product. The more famous the brand is, usually the price is also draining the pocket.

Unlike ice cream, ice cream is usually served with various sweet foods, such as cookies, chocolate sauce, or strawberries. However, there are also ice creams that are served with pieces of fruit or just fruit flavors. The price also varies, from 2 thousand to hundreds of thousands of rupees, depending on the size of the package.

Well now you know the difference between gelato and ice cream. Although it turns out to be different, it still gives a fresh and delicious taste after eating. So, so far, which one do you prefer to eat more often? Gelato or ice cream?