What is Zoom app and what is the function of zoom app?

What is Zoom app and what is the function of zoom app?
What is Zoom app and what is the function of zoom app?
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omann.xyz – The Zoom application is a service in the form of software that can be used for online conferences, studies or meetings. This Zoom app can work on 4G, G, LIT or 5G WIFI networks

This Zoom application is: a video conference that has been developed by a foreign company, specifically the United States of America.

You can use this app on a smartphone or computer. This Zoom app is also available in four basic, pro, business, free, or enterprise options.

Some of these features are also offered by the Zoom Meeting app, including the following:

This app is also equipped with scheduling features that can be reported by email or message, WhatsApp, and others.

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Equipped with a screen sharing function so that meeting participants can interact more interactively.

Group chat can become easier for us to feel closer to other members of the meeting.

Friends do not need to worry about the quality of the video and audio displayed, this Zoom app offers HD quality with the number of participants up to 1000 people on the screen grid.

In addition to the great features, the Zoom app is also equipped with a recording function, so meeting activities can be documented and reopened at any time.

Zoom is also equipped with a chat history and it will be stored in the system archive in 10 years.

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This app offers security with end to end encryption technology, this app is also equipped with password security features for each user.

Zoom app features

For video and audio communication over the Internet, this application is very useful for the process of important meetings or online teaching and learning without the need for us to meet face to face.

In addition to working and learning to teach, Indonesians also use this Zoom app to keep in touch with many people at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand how to use the Zoom app safely.

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How to use the Zoom app on mobile devices

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What is Zoom app and what is the function of zoom app? 3
  1. Open the “Play Store” app and then search for the Zoom app
  2. Download or install the app on your phone
  3. The Zoom app is installed and ready to use
  4. Sign in with your Zoom account or Gmail account
  5. If you want to use the meeting session, click the “Join” menu and enter the “Meeting ID” and password provided to you.
  6. To create a meeting, click “Start Meeting”
  7. go to the “settings” settings, then find the personal meeting ID and password, share the “meeting ID and password link” with the participants who will participate in the virtual meeting
  8. To schedule a meeting, both regular and recurring meetings, select your “calendar”
  9. Upcoming Features (Android only) and can be used to change your schedule

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