Whatsapp Aero Latest Apk Download 2022

Whatsapp Aero Latest Apk Download 2022
Whatsapp Aero Latest Apk Download 2022

WhatsApp Aero or abbreviated as WA Aero is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by a strong modder in its section. For those of you who want to use it, please read this explanation to the end.

WhatsApp is a popular application for communication purposes through text, tone, photos and videos. Until phone calls and video calls are commonly made using WhatsApp because it is easier to reach and almost everyone uses WhatsApp.

The old is back, there is another one vs WhatsApp known with the meaning of WhatsApp Mod. WhatsApp vs this gives you many premium specifications even without usage costs.

Because WhatsApp Mod is already well known, many users will switch to WhatsApp Mod like GB WhatsApp. Apart from its overflowing specifications, WhatsApp Mod is very easy to use.

In WhatsApp Mod ready, there is a most famous vs mode among users which is WA Aero. Do you want to know about the program? Read the explanation below.

Take a look at WhatsApp Aero

Using gadgets, it is clear that no one does not know WhatsApp. This versatile application is very popular among the world population, not only in Indonesia.

With the advent of WhatsApp, users can enjoy short message services as well as calls and video calls for free, only an Internet connection is required. With this overflowing service, it’s no wonder that WhatsApp is the number 1 chat app right now.

Behind the progress of WhatsApp, in fact, there are several people trying to add WhatsApp specifications. Many independent developers or modders make WhatsApp vs Mod with a number of additional premium specs.

One of the WhatsApp Mod apps that has been printed successfully and works smoothly is WA Aero. If you know a lot about WhatsApp, you obviously know the name WhatsApp Aero, right?

Slightly different from the original, WA Aero is in a newer version vs. How not, if you can mostly only get rid of the blue marks in the original, in WhatsApp Aero you can get rid of the two marks.

charming huh? And of course not only that, there are so many specifications that have been added to this WA Aero app. Of course, you can get WhatsApp Aero with its specifications for free.

Specifications of WhatsApp Aero Premium

WhatsApp Aero has a lot of fans even though it is not a legitimate WhatsApp app. Because? The answer is, of course, because there are attractive specs in the WA Aero and those specs are overflowing.

Those of you who use WhatsApp Aero as a core chat app will feel how powerful the premium specs are.

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Some of the main specifications that apply to WhatsApp Aero and that you can experience for free are:

You can take the position of WhatsApp

If you have been putting WhatsApp in position for a long time, you can only take advantage of additional applications, now you don’t have to be busy again. When installing and using WhatsApp vs Aero.

You can put that position right away. You can only find this peculiarity from WhatsApp Aero, in the original vs. you can only see it. charming right?

You can decide the free object

Objects are often one of the aesthetic specifications and make the appearance of an application more pleasing to the eye. Currently, the original WhatsApp only has one object that has a yellow-green color.

Of course, making some of the colors on this item very boring, which is why Wa Mod Aero provides an alternative free item. You can change the objects of your WA Aero according to your individual preferences.

No “Online” Position

The “Online” position of the user in the WhatsApp application is a sign or signal that someone is online and opens WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, this matter has even become a loss because many can spam a person because they are online on WhatsApp. If your staff and time will not be disturbed by other parties, please use WhatsApp Aero, which has specifications to get rid of the “Online” position.

Get rid of checklist blue and checklist two

The blue checklist on WhatsApp is a sign that your WhatsApp message reaches the chat room of your talking enemy. As before, the blue list or even the second list becomes a matter of loss, even more so when he is terrified or stalked by a single person.

With WhatsApp Aero, you can get rid of the blue checklist and the two checklists. That way your talking enemy will only see one checklist or only one checklist.

Anti Deleted Messages

In WhatsApp, there is a specification that is useful for everyone, namely the specification of deleting messages or “Delete for everyone”. This spec is definitely one of the useful specs, remember that we can delete messages that were written or sent incorrectly.

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However, in fact, there are a number of users who are actually playing the game or intend to forward messages and then delete them just to let us know. However, you don’t need to be bothered by people who play games like that because there is WhatsApp Aero. Vs Aero provides excellent specifications that are anti-deleted messages or deleted messages.

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So even if that person has deleted the message, you can still read and view the content of the message. The interesting thing is that you can not only see the deleted messages in the private chat room, but you can also see the messages that are in the group.

without saving number

The WhatsApp specification, which is one of the security specifications, is that many users must enter the WhatsApp number of the other party. This is so that users can only send messages to talking haters whose numbers have been stored in contacts to prevent spam.

However, the problem is that when you are in a hurry, WA Aero removes this specification and you can send messages right away.

Submit file is large

Who would have thought, WhatsApp was also used for tasks, from office tasks to online meetings. In the chat room that participated in the task, it was clear that there were files of the same size that were delivered in it.

But it’s a shame, WhatsApp vs. original only provides up to 16 MB of capacity. Of course, this size is very small, remember that files in the current era have reached several hundred MB.

With WA Aero, you can send files up to 1 GB in size. How big, huh? These specifications are the most useful specifications, especially when dealing with many office files. With WhatsApp Aero, you can be lighter because once you send a file, you can immediately send many, you don’t have to send it back.

Ambil WhatsApp Aero Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp Aero has become a diva for many device users, especially among teenagers. You may have also heard the name WAAero in your hangout or on the internet. However, because WA Aero is a Mod app, of course you can’t get it from the Google Play Store.

So, to download this Aero mod app, you need to use an option outside of the Google Play Store. But you don’t have to worry because there is a legit WA Aero site and you can get this app for free. Use one of these links to download WhatsApp Aero for free:

WA Aero Installation Tips

Once you have taken the file from the WA Aero tools above and placed it on the device, you will not be able to use it directly. You need to do a manual installation first because you can find WhatsApp Aero not in the Google Play Store.

However, you do not have to worry because we have prepared a simple trick to install mods on your device. Follow the steps below to install the WhatsApp Aero app on your device easily and quickly:

  • Go to the “Settings” gadget
  • Click on the “Security” side
  • Activate the “Unknown sources” menu
  • Go to the “Executive File” gadget
  • Go to the “Get” folder
  • Look for a file that has the name “WhatsApp Aero.tools”
  • Pencet terapan file “WA Aero.tools”
  • Press “Install”
  • It will be finished later.
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If the program installation is complete, it means that you can take advantage of WhatsApp Aero. Is it light? No wonder so many original WhatsApp users have switched to this WhatsApp mod.

If you have finished installing the program and you can run it without problems, it means that the installation was successful. You can chat with your friends with premium specs that are ready in WA Aero.

WhatsApp Aero update tricks that are already outdated

One problem as an obstacle for many original WhatsApp users to switch to WA Aero is that WhatsApp Aero must always be up to date.

This is natural because WA Aero must follow the progress of WhatsApp’s original security structure so that it can still function smoothly. If you have used WhatsApp Aero and are confused about the update problems, follow these steps:

  • Unlock Wa Mod on Devices
  • Press the menu button, you can press the three dots symbol on the top right corner in the WA Aero app
  • Disable the “Aero Settings” menu
  • Move to down
  • Cari Menu “Update Aero”
  • Press the menu to update WA Aero automatically
  • Later until the update process is complete.
    If the update is complete, you can use the WA Aero Mod tools like most. Is it light?

Important issues when using WA Aero

Please note that WhatsApp Aero is a modified application, which means that it is not valid against WhatsApp. Therefore, everything in WA Aero has nothing to do with Facebook acting as the legal developer of the original WhatsApp.

And one more problem, the WA Aero Mod is not guaranteed by Facebook, so it is more risky to get hacked or hacked and data looting occurs.

Also, if you are caught using WA Aero by a legitimate WhatsApp or Facebook faction, your number may be banned. Not surprisingly, this often happens in accounts used in modified applications.

Therefore, in order not to get banned, it is better that you use a new number or just a backup number. Because when it was banned, only the backup number was blocked, the main number was still safe.