Whatsapp Mix Apk latest version for Android iPhone PC

Whatsapp Mix Apk latest version for Android iPhone PC
Whatsapp Mix Apk latest version for Android iPhone PC

Whatsapp Mix Apk app offers users to create multiple accounts for original Whatsapp Apk app usage. It means you can add more numbers in one type of whatsapp and enjoy different accounts at the same time by having one single app on your phone.

Whatsapp Mix Apk Free Download For Pc Android Iphone
New Latest Whatsapp Mix Type

Best Key Features Added In Whatsapp Mix Type Of Apk App

Backup features:

The best thing about having whatsapp mix APK on your phone is that you can keep the conversations and media saved and safe. You can backup your chats very easily through this smart app. You can save your contacts, their details, images and other files using this backup feature.

Online appearance:

You can keep your online appearance invisible every time you go online. It means if your phone screen is locked or you are not using your WhatsApp, these features will keep you online or offline based on your privacy settings.

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NOM Features:

DND Function “Do Not Disturb” This option makes the WhatsApp disconnect from the Internet when your smartphone is connected to WiFi or mobile data. Users need to enable the DND mode of whatsapp Mix APK first and use the apps very easily. DND whatsapp notification by which you can watch videos, send dramas and movies very easily on your phone without being bothered by whatsapp notification. This feature helps you in case you are angry with someone or don’t want to chat with anyone.

Download stories and statuses:

Whatsapp Mix APK allows its users to save the status and stories of others as they are on their phone. There is no need to ask others to have videos or images uploaded as their status. Just use the features of downloading stories and all the media will be safe on your phone without any problem.

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See others online:

Using whatsapp Mix APK, you can see other contacts like family or friends online without showing yourself to them. This is a completely amazing feature by which you can see who is using WhatsApp without him knowing about you.

Large size videos:

You can share with the additional mod apk more than 20 MB of video using whatsapp Mix APK. Using whatsapp mix APK share larger videos directly with others.

More images:

The official WhatsApp application allows the user a limit to send only 30 images in a single turn. In another case, while using whatsapp Mix APK, you can send 90 images at a time in one turn. This feature is not only amazing, but also a time saver.

Message calendar:

Incredibly, you can send video files up to 2 GB. That means you can send full movies via WA in 720 resolution, of course we need data too.

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Forward label:

One of the worst things is that WhatsApp is “forwarding label”. This can be a big problem for many of the users all over the world. To eradicate all these problems from users, there are whatsapp mods available like WA Mix, GB WA and Yo WA. In these MODs, you will get features that can disable “forward tag” while forwarding messages to our WA contact, which is very useful.

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