When Her Eyes Were Opened Chapter 950 | simple silence

When Her Eyes Were Opened Chapter 950 |  simple silence
When Her Eyes Were Opened Chapter 950 | simple silence

Chapter 950

Avery was right that Elliot had such careful thoughts.

In addition, Elliot also took the oath of sovereignty in front of all his family and friends.

Although they are not yet reconciled, they are almost reconciled.

Other men, especially Eric, had better not hit Avery again.

Elliot withdrew his hand and prepared to escort the guests.

Avery was concerned and confessed, “Don’t keep your sullen face today. All people here are invited. If you don’t want to make a toast, you can politely refuse, don’t do it too abruptly. The same is true in other respects. For example, the boy now, why do you make people unhappy?

Elliot took his account seriously.

“I see, look at my performance.”

Avery watched him walk toward the guest, but was reluctant to take her eyes off him.

Not because it has changed, but because it has always fascinated him.

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“Mom, I want to eat cake! Come and help us cut the cake!” Layla ran over, grabbed Avery’s hand, and dragged her over to the kids’ table.

Elliot watched as his daughter led Avery away and his heart sped up.

“Boss, Robert is here too, rest in the guest room.” Chad told him, “If you want to see the boy, you can go see him anytime.”

Of course Elliot wanted to see Robert, but he didn’t forget what Avery told Task.

As the father of two little birthday stars, he wants to accompany the guests today.

“Avery asked me to accompany the guests, did you agree with me as the father of the child?” she asked.

Chad was shocked: “Boss, even if Avery doesn’t agree, you are the child’s father! She has to disagree with this kind of ironclad issue.”

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Elliot sneered at him, “You don’t understand how important his approval is to me.”

Chad opened his mouth but didn’t say a word in the end.

That’s right, the boss is the great love that they sealed in private.

Avery is his heaven and also his land. Avery’s approval is more important to him than legal approval.

“Shall I toast to them?” Elliot asked, “I don’t really know their identities, Avery didn’t tell me.”

Avery did not reveal the identities of these guests while Elliot accompanied them.

Chad solved the problem for him: “You don’t need to toast them, you just need to listen to them compliment you and not show impatience.”

Elliot said, “Will this make them careless? They are all Avery’s guests.

Chad said, “But your drinking isn’t very good. If you drink too much, you won’t be able to entertain the guests.”

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After a pause, Chad also added, “You’re right to listen to me, believe it or not, etc. When they get back, they can play with their friends all night.”

Elliot followed Chad’s advice.

Chad was afraid that Elliot was too tired to entertain the guests alone, so he went with him to entertain.

With the two of them entertaining the guests, Mike finally got some rest.

Mike sat down next to Avery and ate.

“I don’t know what Eric is thinking right now.” Mike popped a piece of cake into his mouth and looked at Eric.

Ever since Eric entered the banquet hall this morning, he was surrounded by female admirers.

Except for Avery, all the women in the banquet hall were at Eric’s side.

In fact, Eric is also a guest, but obviously Eric doesn’t think so.