When Salman Khan had no money to buy jeans, this actor helped

When Salman Khan had no money to buy jeans, this actor helped
When Salman Khan had no money to buy jeans, this actor helped

Bollywood’s most popular award show, IIFA, had a grand opening in Abu Dhabi. The awards night will air June 25 at 8 pm on Colors. Many promotions of the show have been released. There is a lot of discussion about one of these promotions. In which Dabangg Salman Khan of Bollywood was seen getting excited.

Salman Khan gets emotional.

In the promotional video, Salman Khan’s eyes watered as he started talking about Sunil Shetty’s help and how Suniel Shetty gave him an expensive shirt when he had no money. In the video, presenter Manish Paul asks Salman Khan about a memorable moment in his life.

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When Salman had no money

Salman Khan remembers this memorable moment: Many years ago, money was not like that. Suniel Shetty Anna had a store. One day I went there. It was an expensive store. There I couldn’t afford more than a shirt and a pair of jeans. So I got some jeans. Sunil saw that he had no money.

Ahan Shetty hugs Salman.

So Sunil gave me the shirt on his behalf. Sunil saw that my eyes were in a bag. After this, Salman Khan’s eyes moistened. He found it difficult to say anything. As he walked into the award show, he reached out to Sunil Shetty’s son, Ahaan. Ahan hugged Salman Khan. There were tears in Salman’s eyes.

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After this, Salman continued his talk and said: Sunil took me to his house and he had a pair from that bag. He also gave me that. After hearing this talk by Salman Khan, the IIFA stage began to resound with thunderous applause.

Salman Khan fans got very excited after seeing this promotional video. At the same time, people were also seen praising Sunil Shetty. One user wrote: This is very emotional. Salman also had that moment, my God. Everyone should have a friend like Sunil Shetty. Fans are posting heart emojis in the video. After watching this promotional video, the excitement of Salman Khan fans is at its peak.

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This is just an advance; On the IIFA stage, Salman Khan has given fans a heavy dose of entertainment.