When was Harry Potter born? here is the birthday

When was Harry Potter born?  here is the birthday
When was Harry Potter born? here is the birthday

As a fan of the Harry Potter novels or movies, are you curious to know when Harry Potter was born? And who are the parents? Let’s see the discussion on divedigital.id

Harry Potter is a 7-series novel written by JK Rowling, a British writer whose work has been worldwide.

This novel basically narrates the adventures of Harry James Potter and his friends, Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Bilius Weasley. They are teenage wizards who attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In this novel, Harry Potter and his friends try to defeat an evil wizard who wants something bad, starting by becoming immortal, defeating wizards, controlling people who don’t have magic, and defeating anyone who opposes him, including Harry Potter. .

But what we will talk about this time is not that, but the date or day of the birth of Harry Potter complete with his family tree. Curious? Listen to the end.

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When was Harry Potter born?

Harry Potter'S Childhood
Harry Potter’s Childhood

Harry Potter (Harry James Potter) was born on July 31, 1980 where in this article it was made (6/20/2022) Harry Potter’s age has touched on 42 years that will turn 43 on July 31.

Until the date above, Harry Potter’s birthday is July 31, which is basically the same date as the birthday of JK Rowling, author of the novel.

Harry Potter is a wizard of mixed blood. He was born from the womb of a mother named Lily Evans, who is basically a woman who has no ability or magic.

In the novel, people who don’t have magical abilities are called Muggles.

While his father named James Potter, who is a man with wizard blood. But Harry has no memories of his father or his mother because both parents were killed by Lord Voldemort since Harry was a child.


His father’s archenemy basically wanted to kill Harry too, but the curse Lord Voldemort gave Harry Potters was like a boomerang hitting itself.

Because of his curse, Lord Voldemort was then shattered into spirit pieces, although not to death, but he was unable to do anything since then.

Because of this incident, Harry Potter also had a wound on his forehead that was in the shape of a lightning bolt. This incident earned Harry the nickname “the boy who lives“meaning “guys who survive”.

When his parents died, little Harry Potter lived with the Dursleys, who were the older brothers of Harry Potter’s mother.

In the Dursley family are Petunia Evans and Verno Dursley, who also have a son named Dudley Dursley. Unlike Harry Potter, who is half-blood, the Dursleys are not wizards or Muggles.

The Dursleys never introduced magic to Harry Potter.

In fact, they deliberately kept the death of their parents a secret and said that they both died due to an accident while using a car.

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So as a child, while in the Dursley house, Harry Potter also lived with his cousin named Dudley who was born on June 22, 1980. But Dudley in the family was very spoiled.

Dudley also grew up to be someone who was always mean to Harry Potter, because he thought Harry was a loser.

But the mistreatment of his nephew began to change when Harry was able to use his magical powers, Dudley began to be afraid of Harry Potter.

That is the childhood story of Harry Potter who had to lose his parents from infancy, complete with information about when Harry Potter was born. Although it is an old novel, the charm of Harry Potter is of course very legendary and exists until now.

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