Why FF Error today? And here’s how to get over it

Why FF Error today?  And here’s how to get over it
Why FF Error today? And here’s how to get over it

Why FF Failed Today – Who does not know the Free Fire Battleground game which is a survival battle royale game that is the favorite of Indonesian gamers? What makes this game so popular is that to play it we don’t need a smartphone with high specs so even potato phones can play free fire games with HD graphics so you don’t need to change your android phone again to play this game.

In addition to that, this game also has very exciting gameplay, especially if you play together or with your friends, the atmosphere of the game will be more exciting, and of course, if you use a cool pack, your friends will surely praise you.

Because in addition to the exciting gameplay, we also get a variety of cool items that you can get in the Free Fire game store menu, of course, you must have enough diamonds to get the item you want, you will not be disappointed for sure. to get the item.

But have you ever experienced when you were playing a Free Fire game but you couldn’t enter i.e. a bug? Mimin himself experienced something like this yesterday when Mimin wanted to play this game, but unfortunately an error notification appeared when Mimin opened this game. So what is the solution to overcome it?

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Why is there a Free Fire error and I can’t log in today?

Before moving on to the discussion of how to fix it, it’s a good idea to know the cause of the ff error today, because there are many factors that affect the free fire error or when playing alone, for example, a game server that is full or from a cellular device that you use yourself. .

Because in addition to the problems of the application, the cause of the smartphone also has a great influence, especially the cell phone you are using is quite old and has little storage capacity. So, if you’re curious how to solve it, continue listening to this mimin’s comment until it’s over.

Overcome Free Fire can’t log in

If you encounter this, there is a possibility that it is because the developer is currently updating or maintaining the Free Fire app, so to find the solution, wait until the update process is complete.

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Then if there is no update from developer but still error while logging in then the solution is to clear the cache of this ff game and here is how to clear the cache of the app.

  1. First, open the Settings menu on your smartphone
  2. Then after that select Application/Application option and select Manage Applications
  3. Only then look for the Free Fire app, and when you find it, tap on it.
  4. Then click delete data then all data in ff app will be deletedHow To Overcome The Free Fire Error

Then after that try to login again and you can login safely without messed up errors.

How to overcome the Free Fire error Quit alone or force close

Actually, overcoming something like this is quite easy to do if the cause is the smartphone we use, because you just need to check a few things as shown below.

Because the Free Fire game is an online game, you should always pay attention to the quality of the network, because if the network is bad, the performance of the game will not be good to play because it may lag even to force close or exit when playing this game.

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If your android phone only has a little memory and ram then you need to free up the memory so that it is not full, because when it is full, the phone performance will slow down and the game will also be very slow to play.

  • Delete unused apps

It is still about the RAM capacity and small internal memory, if you install many apps, then it is a good idea to delete the unnecessary apps to free up internal memory to make the Android phone performance smoother.

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So that was a review on how to resolve the ff error and get out on its own, although the review is quite short, but Mimin hopes that the information shared by Mimin can be useful, thank you very much.