Wilna Birth Story – Our Midwife

Wilna Birth Story – Our Midwife
Wilna Birth Story – Our Midwife

Hello, thank God I gave birth to my first child on September 29 yesterday with normal and minimal trauma, the trauma is because I have been in phase 1 for a long time.

Until now, I haven’t had time to take Bude’s online classes, I just watched Bude’s videos on YouTube, played gymball and read on our midwife’s website.

On Friday September 24 I had the last ultrasound with an estimate of 2.8 kg and they told me to go on a diet because my TB was less than 150 cm, then the HPL was on October 08, the doctor immediately said “if it’s the 7th month of birth, I come again to check possible induction”, despite the fact that at that time the position of the grandmother, my placenta and amniotic fluid are still in optimal conditions.

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I was not scared, because I knew that the grandfather would know when he was going to be born. The next day, after the ultrasound, I had the CPNS test with a large round stomach. On Sunday, when he was about to take a bath, I had stains on my underwear, I remember that maybe it was a sign from my grandfather that he was about to leave.


I carry on with my business as usual, replaying all of Bude’s videos on YT hoping it will help Dedek fight his way out.

After consulting with the midwife, it turned out that at that time I was only opening 1, until now I did not know what false contractions were, but that night I felt waves that came from an hour to a half hour. I can still take him to bed.

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The next day the wave of love came closer than before, I checked once every 10 minutes and this is where my unawareness lies. get ready to handle the contractions that are coming, so by that time i was already feeling really bad bude and i think impatient too

That Monday I checked again and it turned out that I had just climbed to the opening of 2 bude. I feel so tight but still opening 2.

Next Tuesday, the pain I feel is getting worse. Until I didn’t sleep well because the wave of love was almost every 5 minutes. At night, I checked, I just wanted to go up to opening 3

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Impatience, not being good at self-control makes me panic, and the pain is getting worse

On Wednesday morning I felt the contractions almost non-stop, I was crazy thinking that I just wanted to have surgery because I couldn’t wait for the full opening.

I felt that Dedek was very close to the bottom, at 03.30 in the morning I went to the midwife and she verified that it was still open 4. Here I have given up, I learned to regulate my breathing. I learned to be patient and distract my mind to keep my breath awake.