Windows 10 Safe Mode – NEWGADGET.ID Latest Gadget Information

Windows 10 Safe Mode – NEWGADGET.ID Latest Gadget Information
Windows 10 Safe Mode – NEWGADGET.ID Latest Gadget Information

There are several ways that you can enter the safe mode of Windows 10, generally this safe mode feature is used to fix problems in computer operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

You can also go through the process of entering Windows 10 Safe Mode when you access the device from the BIOS. This method is a method that can run almost all computing devices, such as Lenovo, Acer, Asus and other brands.

Safe mode is one of the Windows features that can be used to troubleshoot computer problems. Examples such as abnormally occurring events due to viruses attacking software.

When using safe mode, the operating procedure performs only a few core activities. That way, other apps that are experiencing problems won’t run or will be disabled.

Therefore, how to enter Windows 10 safe mode is really effective in fixing common issues that occur on our computing devices easily without any interference from other applications.

Windows 10 Safe Mode Features and Functions

Safe mode is one of the features of the Windows operating system that is often used to perform repairs such as tackling programs infected with malware viruses.

In this safe mode method, Windows will only run a few core applications during the startup process. However, there are also many things you can do in safe mode, here is a more detailed discussion.

Fungsi Windows 10 safe mode

There are various features available in safe mode dishes in Windows 10.

  • Disable third-party drivers already installed on the system, such as graphics drivers or Internet network drivers.
  • In the safe mode menu, you can disable network procedures even without internet networking.
  • You can remove software that cannot be removed through normal Windows.
  • Turn off certain software or programs that cause Windows to fail to function normally.
  • You can run system restore that was created earlier.
  • You can run or change settings from the Windows registry.
  • Safe mode will run Windows operating methods without using VGA.

fitur safe mode windows 10

reset windows

  • This feature can be used to restore Windows settings to how it was first installed. This feature will negate all software that is already installed on the device.
  • system restore
    You can use this feature to restore Windows settings under certain conditions, but to use it you must have and back up your settings first.
  • Go to the previous version.
    Similar to System Restore, this feature can also restore the version of Windows you are currently using.
  • System image recovery.
    In this feature, you can also restore or replace the version of Windows according to the image file you want to use.
  • initial repair.
    Startup Repair can be used if the Windows operating system is experiencing issues like Windows 10 blue screen and other issues that frequently occur when entering the Windows explorer menu.
  • Symbol of the system.
    This function is used to run the command prompt application in the safe mode menu.
  • Start Settings.
    Startup Settings is a feature that can be used to control the Windows startup process. All the safe mode settings menu will take place and start from this settings menu.

How to enter safe mode in Windows 10

How To Enter Safe Mode In Windows 10

There are so many ways that you can use to be able to enter the safe mode menu, here is how to enter the safe mode black screen when starting a PC.

Enter the BIOS page

How to enter the menu. Safe Mode in Windows 10 it is to enter the BIOS, especially first. Each laptop brand has its own different ways to enter the BIOS plate.

The BIOS is the main operating method on a laptop when it is powered on. This BIOS also contains the settings for the operating system you are using. Now you can find the BIOS with the UEFI (Unified Extended Firmware Interface) procedure.

This UEFI not only replaces the system BIOS, but also works as a small operating system that can be run with firmware. Then this firmware procedure integrates the operating procedures you are using.

Disable fast boot in BIOS

Nowadays, many laptops have procedures ripping off which is very fast, in just a few seconds you will immediately enter the windows menu. But it turns out that this will also prevent you from getting on the plate. Safe Mode.

However, there is a way to disable the setting. fast boot so you can easily enter safe mode, here’s how it’s done.

  • Enter the BIOS method, then select advanced mode in the lower right chapter.
  • Then press the button F7.
  • Next, choose a dish. BOOT. on the press plate of the left chapter quick start.
  • To change fast boot to idle, you can choose disabled.
  • Save the settings or press the button F10 and select okay.

Enter safe mode via WinRE

Enter Safe Mode Via Winre

How to enter safe mode in Windows 10 in addition to using the BIOS is to enter WinRE. WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) is a recovery tool that can solve problems on laptops that cannot work ripping off.

  • When the computer is on, press and hold the button F9 either F12 (depending on the brand and type of laptop).
  • Then keep pressing the button Energy.
  • You will be automatically taken to the WinRE page.
  • Next select menu Solve problems.
  • Then it is accompanied by determining the dish Advanced Options.
  • If there is a knot press Restart.
  • When the device is powered on, you can determine the settings Safe Mode based on your needs. I like it normal safe mode, safe mode with command prompteither safe mode with network,.
  • If you successfully enter the dish safely, you will see a pen scratch mark Safe Mode in the corner of the monitor.

Tombol Windows 10 safe mode

  • Sony: F1, F2, atau F3
  • Dell: F2 and F12
  • Acer : F2 atau DEL
  • HP: ESC or F10
  • Lenovo – Desktop: F1
  • Source PC: F2
  • Microsoft Surface tablets: Press and hold the volume up button.
  • ASUS: F2 for all PCs, F2 or DEL for motherboards
  • Lenovo – ThinkPad: Enter + F1
  • Lenovo: F2 atau Fn + F2
  • Samsung: F2
  • Toshiba: F2

How to get out of safe mode in Windows 10

If you are done repairing the laptop using safe mode, you can exit the safe mode menu by rebooting the device, hopefully it will be easier for you to see the next method.

  1. Use the key with the Windows logo followed by the key R open a plate Run.
  2. In the provided column, you can type msconfigthen press okay.
  3. In the msconfig settings menu, select the menu tab Boot.
  4. Uncheck the option secure boot.
  5. then press Restart to enter Windows 10 mode.
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