With over 86 million votes, Janna Nick was announced as the most popular star. Here is the bio of her-Lemon Soy

With over 86 million votes, Janna Nick was announced as the most popular star.  Here is the bio of her-Lemon Soy
With over 86 million votes, Janna Nick was announced as the most popular star. Here is the bio of her-Lemon Soy

With 86,374,777 votes, the Most Popular Star trophy, the 34th BH Popular Star Award (ABPBH), belongs to versatile artist Janna Nick.

Previously, the 26-year-old popular actress, host, singer and director took home the trophy for Popular Female Film Actress alongside Sherry Alhadad, Nelydia Senrose, Zahirah MacWilson and Aprena Manrose.

Janna or real name Nurul Jannah Muner also won the Popular TV Host trophy beating Azira Shafinaz, Mira Filzah, Sherry and Jihan Muse.

For the past nine years, Janna has become one of the celebrities who has never been crushed by controversy.

There are only negative stories that hinder her, whether in the career, personal or image aspects. All this dragged Melody’s ex-lawyer into an endless mess.

Last May, the girl born in Alor Setar, Kedah shared treatment with a psychiatrist to treat bipolar disorder.

In another shocking confession, Janna revealed that she had attempted suicide twice in her life.

More recently, netizens labeled Janna a “crazy person” when she shared that she often experienced brain situations that were supposedly very “loud” due to hearing five voices throughout the day.

Despite saying goodbye to TV3’s sensational entertainment show Melodi, which ran for four years and ended on July 25, Janna’s interest in the world of hostesses has never waned.

Janna recently conducted an academic programme, Banteras COVID-19, published by the National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia (FINAS).

ABPBH 34, which ended last night, was staged in a hybrid with no spectators and in accordance with National Security Council (MKN) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

ABPBH 34 themed #KITABERSAMA presented by Xiaomi.


Janna Nick was named the 34th most popular star of ABPBH broadcast live on TV3 from Dewan Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur World Trade Center (WTC KL). – Photo by NSTP

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Apparently Janna Nick has bipolar disorder, admits to having attempted suicide- “I don’t have a perfect family…”

Through an exchange on Instagram, Janna or her real name, Nurul Jannah Muner, 26, said that she is currently undergoing treatment taking medication on the advice of a doctor.

“I have been clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (Now) I take a break from using social media to focus on myself.

“It’s been a week (and it’s still going on) that I’m on antidepressant medication.

“All this time I’m reminded that my mind works like everyone else’s…remind everyone to have more than three or four voices in their heads,” he said.

Bipolarity is a manic depressive disorder that causes mental disorders.


Janna shared about her peny4kit on Instagram.

The actress of the drama Marry Me Senorita also considers the inner voices that often play in her mind to be a normal thing until she gets treatment.

“I remember it was normal for that inner voice… to always talk to each other as if they were having a group discussion.

“Until I realized (it wasn’t normal) after I started taking medication.

“I don’t know (this bipolar disorder came) from genetic factors or from my past life,” he added.

I have been clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The actor’s mistress Dini Azan Schatzmann, 27, also made a shocking revelation that she had attempted suicide twice as a teenager.

“Already at the age of eight, I felt like dying. My childhood life was not like that of other friends. From what I remember, football is really ‘food’ for me.

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“I once tried to kill myself when I was 14 years old by swallowing some panadol seeds mixed with other drugs that I could find at the time.

“I don’t have a perfect family… I used to sit near a boarding school, far away.

Janna can’t control her feelings due to work pressure.

“The second time I attempted suicide was a year later… during the year I sat for PMR (Lower Secondary Assessment), I squeezed my wrist in front of my own brother,” he said.

Through a previous mStar report, Janna uploaded a video of herself crying due to the stress she was facing.

In the video, Melodi’s attorney repeatedly said that he was tired of thinking about work, but had to continue to make a living for the family.


1. The owner’s full name is Nurul Jannah binti Munir.

2. Born on June 1, 1995 in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. 24 years (2019).

3. 1.65 meters tall.

4. Second son of four brothers. His brother, Mohamad Firdaus, while his two younger sisters are Nurul Balqish and Nur Iris Rose Sofiea.

5. His cousin, Adam Lee, is also an actor.

6. Mixed Chinese, Pakistani and Thai blood.

7. As a child, he lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for three years.

8. His residence is now in Kuala Lumpur.

9. He started an artistic career at the age of around 5 to 7 years old as an advertising model for commercial and corporate videos.

10. Former students of MARA Pendang Science Junior College, Convent Bukit Nanas National Secondary School, and Danau Kota National Secondary School.

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11. During her school days, she was active in the cheerleading team and liked to participate in singing competitions.

12. Graduated from Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

13. Once he was offered to continue his studies at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Arau, Perlis, but he refused because he wanted to focus on his acting career.

14. He started active in show business since 2012.

15. He is an actor, model, singer and lawyer.

16. Her first performance in the telefilm Cinta Vlog, she took on the role of Risa, the assistant character to the main lead, Aliff Aziz and Wawa Zainal.

17. She once starred in the movie Kimchi For You and Marriage Work. She also telefilms including Sayang Suria, Mek Kelate, Tangisan Izara, Di Pintu Syurga, Trauma and Enam.

18. Including Jodoh Drama, Kasih Berbisik, Syurga Nur, Kau Aku Kita, Jawatankuasa Kampung Kalut (JKK), Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu, My Coffee Prince, Isteri Untuk Diiktiraf and many more. Don’t miss the La La La Zombie theater.

19. Trophy holder for Chosen Actress (Drama Kau Aku Kita) and Chosen Couple (with Saharul Ridzwan) at the 2016 Kuala Lumpur Festival Drama Awards, Popular Female TV Actress at the 30th Berita Popular Star Awards Harian, Sensational Actress at the 2017 Soap Opera Awards and Choice Actress (drama Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu) at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur Festival Drama Awards.

20. As a singer, he championed the genres of Pop and R&B music.

21. He once recorded the singles Maybe Only (OST Husband Without Love) and Will Make Love (OST My Coffee Prince).

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