Wonabuy money earning app, safe or scam?

Wonabuy money earning app, safe or scam?
Wonabuy money earning app, safe or scam?
Aplikasi Wonabuy Penghasil Uang Aman Atau Penipuan 1264

Wonabuy Money Making App – Do you often shop online through e-commerce stores, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak or other e-commerce?

So what if my lip shop is online and my friends get a cashback on my lips and even cash tokens from every purchase my friends make? So my friend should try this app.

Yes, the app is the Wonabuy app. A new app to make money in 2022, the fastest and most effective app to make DANA balance, a friend said.

However, is it true that the app is really you and you play for free? Secure and verified payments?

So please my friends see more of the following article so that you can better understand this money making app.

What is Wonabuy money making app?

So folks, Wonabuy app is a comprehensive online shopping platform where this app is connected to various e-commerce platforms like shopee, lazada, zalora, tokopedia and many other e-commerce platforms.

Where if my lips buy online through this platform, my lips friends have the opportunity to get many refunds on the purchases made by my friends.

Apart from that, this app also provides important tasks that you can complete to earn extra income from this app.

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Download the application to earn money Wonabuy

App-Wonaboy-Earn Money

Before you can use this app and earn big money, you need to download and install the app on your smartphone first.

Where can you download this application, my lipsku friend officially through the Google Play Store and App Store. Then to make it easier my friend can follow the download link below.

detail Information
Application name Wonabuy – Purchases and refund
developer Wonboe Private Limited
current version Version 1.2.57
Last update March 28, 2022
launch from 04 September 2020
Minimum operating system support Android 4.4 and higher
Discharged 10,000+ downloads
File size 19 MB and can be different for each device

Download Link for Wonabuy Money Making App

Please friends follow the download link, then you can get the app by clicking Install or Install. Please wait for the installation process to complete and my friends will be able to take advantage of the application and earn money.

Sign up to Wonabuy Money Making App

The next step you need to do before you can use this app is to sign up and create an account my friend.

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It is very easy to create an account in this app, you just need to prepare a gmail account or facebook battery. Only active friends use friends.

And for more details, my friend can pay attention to the following registration steps.

  1. Run the Wonabuy app that you have installed.
  2. So my friend choose your country please my friend choose Indonesia.
  3. Click My Menu, and then tap Friends Login Sign Up. After that, my friend, click Sign Up below.
  4. Please, friend, enter the data required for registration. Or, to make it easier, Mimin suggests signing up for a Gmail account by clicking Connect with Google.
  5. Choose your Google account
  6. Then, if a confirmation appears, click my friend Finish.
  7. He did.

And congratulations friend, your money making app account registration has been successful, then your lipsku friend can use the app to earn a lot of money.

Earn money on Wonabuy Money Making App

Unfortunately, my lips as a user of this money making app will not get new user registration bonus commission.

But you don’t need to worry my friend because in order to earn money you don’t need to make a deposit or buy a level first or just use this app for free.

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1. Shop and get cash back on Wonabuy Money Making App

The number one way you can do to get it is by shopping online. Where by purchasing through this app, you will get various cashbacks up to 7.3%.

You should pay attention that each platform has its own terms, friend. So make sure you pay attention to the terms, conditions and notes so that you can get the cashback bonus.

For more details, please click the Quan Store listing below. And follow it depending on the platform you want to use.

2. Invite friends on Wonabuy Earning app

The second way my lips friends can earn money is by inviting friends. Friends, you have to keep in mind that the commissions you get will not come directly from the invitation of this friend, friend.

And my friend will get commission if my friend who was previously invited by my friend buys from this app. The more friends you invite, the more commissions you will earn.

3. Upgrade account level in Wonabuy Earn Money app

In addition to the above methods, you also have a chance to get special bonuses from this app by increasing your account level.

Unlike most money making apps. To increase the initial level of my friends account, you need to invite friends and you cannot buy them (no deposit required). with the following conditions.

level level how to level up Nike Tier Rewards
perak Invite 10 friends directly – Cashback for your purchases
– Prize of 5,000 rupees.
It is gone Invite 20 friends directly – Refund for Self Shopping x 1.2
– 20% Live Team Refund
– Nabwe University
platinum Invite 30 friends directly – Cashback for personal purchases x 1.5
– 40% refund directly to the team
– 35% refund directly to the team
– Nabwe University
– Priority for events and nabowes

Withdraw money from Wonabuy Earning app

After friends can accumulate a large amount of money in this app account, friends can enjoy the fruits of their hard work to join their investment or mission by making withdrawals.

Also, it is very easy to make withdrawals on this app to earn money with the following conditions.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is IDR 25,000.
  • Withdrawals can be made via bank transfers and fund wallets and shopeepay and OVO or GoPay.
  • Withdrawals take 1 business day for E Swallow withdrawals. And from 5 to 7 business days for withdrawal by bank transfer.

Is Wonabuy Money Making app safe?

After mimin paying attention to how this money making app works, this money making app can be played for free and without having to make a deposit or top up first.

Also, this app does not contain any annoying ads in this app so that the administrators feel that the internet data consumption will not be too high.

Some descriptions explain that this app is proven to pay my friend. Unfortunately, we have not obtained any concrete evidence that this request has been paid or not. But mimin enough for friends to recommend my lips to use this app, as long as this app does not ask you to deposit.