You can post up to 280 characters, Twitter test notes feature

You can post up to 280 characters, Twitter test notes feature
You can post up to 280 characters, Twitter test notes feature

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Gadgettren: The social media platform, Twitter, is reported to have tested its newest feature called Notes, which allows users to create longer note content.

According to a report from Android Central, the Notes feature will provide space for users to write notes in the form of a length of up to 280 characters.

In addition to notes, the Notes feature can also include other content to support notes, such as images, GIFs, embedded tweets, and even header images for additional customization.

The Notes feature is managed by a new team at Twitter called Twitter Write. This team will be specifically responsible for new communities and features so that readers, writers or content creators can get the most out of Twitter.

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It is not yet confirmed if this feature will be available to all Twitter users, but it is currently only visible to certain Android device users. Twitter has also tested the Notes feature with select content creators in the US, UK and Ghana.

According to Twitter, this trial period will help you learn the best way to help other users write notes on Twitter and evaluate how to develop the Notes feature experience in the future.

As an example, Twitter also presents an initial test of creating a Fit Notes. Users will be able to see the Write menu button option on the left side that allows them to take notes. According to Twitter, some countries may not be able to view note cards.

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Aside from that, users will also be able to see note cards on the home timeline page, as well as tweets with note previews and links. Just like regular tweets, users can retweet, quote tweets, and share note cards.

By trying out the Notes feature, of course, the competition will be even stiffer from blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Substack. No doubt, the Notes feature will help people who dislike or have trouble reading long tweets to be more concise and just in one place where there is no need to search or scroll to find.

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