You want to have a father or a girlfriend, do this

You want to have a father or a girlfriend, do this
You want to have a father or a girlfriend, do this – Hello friends, getting information and having a partner is indeed one of the things coveted by all parties, both adults and parents.

Even young children already want a partner or boyfriend, it is meant to accompany the heart in moments of loneliness, but what if elementary school children are dating?

You can create memories and memories that you can keep for years and make a lasting impression, which is why you sometimes fall deeply in love with your partner.

Behind the beauty of having a partner, it turns out that behind the struggle to have a figure is not as easy as one thinks, not because of money and possessions, but because of the following things.

I think you will learn from the experts, because the admin himself is a sad boy, which means he struggles to love and be betrayed, so the admin can conclude as follows.

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The full tutorial has ayang.


The first step you have to do if you want to have a love that seems perfect and what you want, you can follow these steps.

1. Have a calm character

Basically, nature is one of the determinants of whether your relationship lasts or not, so having a calm and patient character, not being tired of course and not being rude to your partner is one of the attitudes coveted by men, and much less for women.

2. The appearance of the face is decisive

Administrator, I think some of you disagree with the second one, but the fact is that if he is handsome, he will be loved by many women.

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For those of you who aren’t handsome, remember, if you’re not handsome, at least be loyal, because only dating is possible these days.

3. Economic or sufficient amount of money or more

This is very important, because when you have a partner of course you will spend a lot of money, especially if you live in big cities like Jakarta.

However, to minimize wasting money and running out of money, you can make a schedule to go out with the person you will be dating.

4. Show if you are serious

When you want to have a partner, show that you are serious, that you are not close to the opposite sex here and there, in fact, you only have one heart, and one heart is given to one person.

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5. Loyalty is important

If you have the partner you want, then fidelity will play an important role in your relationship, do not let small mistakes like moving your heart make you a bad person and become dirt in the eyes of your partner.

If your partner betrays you, then there are three who will faithfully listen to your complaint, namely God, parents and the universe.

It doesn’t matter if they betray you, the most important thing you’ve fought for to be happy, will come back to you if it doesn’t find a fighting person like you.

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