You’re balding, will she still be interested?

You’re balding, will she still be interested?
You’re balding, will she still be interested?
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You're balding, will she still be interested? 4

Before Matt was my husband, we had to get over something. For example, he invited me to a movie when we first started dating. It was a bloody night, we were lying on his bed and he was wearing a hat. I knew right away that he must have gone bald, I was a hairdresser and that was a giant indicator. I asked him right then and there why he was wearing a hat and if he was balding. Looking back, I bet he was sweating bullets answering that question, but I really couldn’t have cared less, I just wanted him to be confident around me.

The secret is owning your insecurities. If you’re up front with him, it makes it less of a question or a mystery. I never would have thought that there would be women in this world who would have a problem with something that one person could not help or control. I mean, we have babies and our hips get wider, that would be like a man getting upset about it and asking us to fix it. If your main concern is your partner’s baldness, you belong to the husband/boyfriend piece of shit that treats you like crap because that’s completely low.

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Men, if you’re going bald, fucking assume it. If you don’t like it, fix it. Just like we get boob jobs or tummy tucks because something is bothering us, right? But don’t feel less about it. I don’t care one way or the other about my husband’s bald head, in fact, he’s pretty sexy. I like how it feels when I look at it and rub its head.
If you know what I mean.

Matt used to work out so he could get a 10 before he met me. Y’all, that was the one thing that wasn’t on my checklist for a potential partner. I couldn’t care less if his max was 350 or whatever. Helped? No. I turned him down for months because I judged him based on the type of idiot. Like stop making noises when you’re lifting, bro, it’s weird because I’m honestly wondering if that’s your sexual noises, ew. It pays to rule out the right girl among the bad boys and remember that confidence is key. Go out with him, your beautiful bald baby!

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